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    The production of the Mini began in 1959. The Mini was designed as an affordable and safe car. Originally Mini was powered with a 850cc engine. Since 1960 Mini quickly turned from a housewife vehicle to a fashionable accessory, an icon of the 1960's lifestyle. In 1961 the first Mini Cooper and Mini Cooper S were released, both featuring significant upgrades in performance compared to regular Mini model (with Cooper S being the best performing one). Due to its technical characteristics (high maneuverability and more powerful engine) it's modification Mini Cooper S was a four-time winner of the Monte Carlo Rally.

    In the 1970s Mini underwent the crisis of production. The new model Mini Metro was supposed to replace the elder models, yet regular Mini overcame the crisis, being popular with people worldwide. In the mid-70's there came off a new model of Mini. It was called the Clubman. The Mini Clubman revived the old traditional Minis by giving a fresh modernized feel. The Clubman exterior is differentiated by a hotdog grill with the integrated lights. By the 1980's Mini vehicles popularity and sales were starting to die out. Various attempts were made to keep the model popular. Between 1980 and 2000 there were over 40 different editions released with various accessories and engines.

    By 1990 Mini became a part of Rover Group. In 1994 BMW company purchased Rover Group. The biggest change in Mini was in 1997 when the new twin-point engine was introduced along with new safety features. In 2005 Mini Cooper Convertible was added to the lineage. The new Minis are larger and more powerful than the elder models and are equipped with various engines producing up to 180hp. The packing list of the new Minis is stuffed with various accessories, along with numerous safety systems.

    Perhaps the first "super" subcompact to solidify its place in the mainstream, the BMW Mini Cooper can be considered one of the most recognizable automobiles on the planet. It's rounded yet boxy frame, stylish, retro attitude, and efficient performance with solid parts are what this model is all about. Some love it for the adorable look. Others get into the space-sizing size and shape. And of course, who doesn't enjoy the fuel mileage? However you slice it, one thing is for sure - the BMW Mini Cooper is a superstar that still commands attention.

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    Mini R58 Rolls out in September
    Mini R58 Rolls out in September

    A few months have left till Mini releases its R58, offered in Cooper, Cooper S, and the JCW variants. The so much expected car will be available at dealers in September, appearing as the most hardcore Mini produced yet. As Mini’s presumably most performance focused model in the years ahead, the R58 will be sold in the lowest numbers of any MINI version. Actually, the projects on both, the R58 and the Roadster (its twin) were promptly put into practice. The work got started in early 2009, and Mini unveiled the production version of the R58 Coupé at Frankfurt Auto Show the same year (with R59 Roadster followed a few months later). Right after the Coupé and the Roadster were last seen at the LA auto show in 2009, Mini went into designing and engineering to put the finishing touches to the models. Both concepts are basically a Mini John Cooper Works, featuring a few custom bits, including painted wheel inserts, painted mini-blind grille slats, and darkened headlamps. The significant changes include the trailing edge of the rear window which moved forward a few inches making it look like a trunk and the redesigned front and rear facia, also unique hood design (noticed on both cars). Mini calls both concepts as “an unusually attractive vision of how the model family will develop in the future”. Indeed, all the revisions make these vehicles unique in design apart from their Hatch and Convertible siblings.

    Mini R58 is now enduring the final production testing around the world, including California. As an example, the model is tested in BMW's new Environmental Test Center, which simulates conditions ranging from -22F to +113F. As for first production prototypes, they already debuted. Mini USA actually ordered first initial September cars for US dealers. They are going to be Cooper S and Cooper versions with both auto and manual transmissions.

    Speaking about performance, the Coupe is expected to weigh about 150 lbs less than the hatchback and have a more rigid chassis. According to, the 4-cylinder R58 will be Mini's performance leader. Its sporty character is expressed by an electronically deployed spoiler which rises from the car at speeds around 50 mph adding efficiency and creating a downforce on the rear wheels. The R58 will be a hatchback, just like the R56 and will have more cargo room than one can think. Still it is the least versatile model of Mini's line-up till the R59 Roadster appears.