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A closed car parked in the sun on a hot summer day becomes a greenhouse, with the windows letting in plenty of sunlight but at the same time trapping heat inside the vehicle. While greenhouses are great for plants, the greenhouse effect isn’t so great for you and your car. You know how uncomfortable it is getting into the car, especially if you’re wearing shorts and you have vinyl or leather seats, but the damage to your car is more than an inconvenience.

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The interior temperature of a closed car on a hot, sunny day can soar past 120°F, and some surfaces like the dashboard can reach 180°F. Such heat and UV rays can fade and cause unsightly cracks and splits on the dash. Upholstery can also fade and the heat can dry out the oil in leather, causing it to crack. The heat can also cause chemicals from the various interior materials to off-gas and create a film on the inside of the windows, affecting visibility.

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The sun’s damaging rays are insidious, but if ignored over time they can end up costing you plenty in repair bills to replace cracked and faded dash panels and upholstery, or in the decreased value of your vehicle if such damage is present come resale or trade-in time. Luckily there’s a simple solution. A sun shade is an inexpensive, easy-to-use, way to prevent costly damage caused by the sun. Just place a sun shade behind your windshield whenever you park your car in the sun and you can block destructive UV rays and lower the interior temperature by up to 50°F.

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We aim to provide our customers with the finest Windshield Sun Shades the industry can offer, which is why we accept no compromise when it comes to the quality. Created by the most reputable names in the industry, such as Weathertech, Coverking, Covercraft, Intro-Tech Automotive, Dash Designs the Windshield Sun Shades we've gathered for you feature precise design and everlasting durability.

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We offer sun shades that are custom made for each application, so you can be confident of perfect fit and complete windshield coverage. Each features a reflective outer surface that deflects damaging UV rays and the shade will also insulate your interior from the heat. Most are easy to install, and require nothing more than your sun visors to stay in place. When not in use, the sun shade folds or rolls up for compact storage and some come with a convenient storage bag. Keep a sun shade handy and use it whenever the sun is blazing, to maintain your comfort and preserve your interior.

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And because sunshine isn’t the only thing hitting your windshield you have to be concerned with, we also offer snow shields. If you’re tired of scraping ice and snow from your windshield in freezing temperatures, then a snow shield is for you. Each of the shields we carry is custom made for the specific application, so you get complete windshield coverage. They’re easy to install, with the lower half retained by the wiper blades, and straps securing the sides. After a snowfall, just remove the shield, and the snow and ice, roll it up for storage and you can be on your way.

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We know you've seen this: you have walked through a crowded parking lot at the mall or the beach during the summer, and you've spotted the flimsy cardboard windshield shade that has an illustration of a pair of sunglasses on it. On the reverse side is the word "HELP", as if you have time to set the shade in place while you're in the middle of your emergency. We are...
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1996 Chevy Express
| Posted by | (Fletcher, NC)

This dual sided sun shade fits my Chevy Express 3500 perfectly. By having both a silver and black side, I can use this sun shade to both reflect and or heat my vehicle. The quality constructions should give me many years of use. Thanks WeatherTech!

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