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When it comes to making your vehicle as comfortable as it can be, music is an important part of it. You want to have the best possible sound coming from your speakers so you can enjoy even the longest trip, which is why you need to install an amplifier and better speakers to get the most from a great system. We have all amplifiers and their related components so you can easily find everything you need to have the perfect sound system.

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Installing the best amplifier, you need to think about more than just the amplifier itself. There are also a number of required components, such as a ground loop isolator which will help you avoid the whining and humming sound. The turn-on adapter allows you to control your amplifier without having to get out of the vehicle, while an output converter allows you to install the system without having to make compromises about what to install and how to do it.

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There are many different amplifiers to choose from, and the biggest things setting them apart are the amount of power they put out, and the number of channels they give you access to. A ground loop isolator is a small box with wires hanging out from it, and holes for screws so you can secure it, and turn-on adapters are designed to be installed near your amplifier so they are also small boxes. An output converter will also be a small, rectangular object, and it will be designed to allow you to easily connect the wires so it can do its job.

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We aim to provide our customers with the finest Car Amplifiers the industry can offer, which is why we accept no compromise when it comes to the quality. Created by the most reputable names in the industry, such as Pioneer, Kenwood, MB Quart, Lanzar, Precision Power, Orion, Audiopipe, Renegade, Polk Audio, Audiobahn, American Bass, JBL, Autotek, BOSS, Infinity, Crunch, Hifonics, SPL, Sound Storm Lab, Planet Audio, American Hi Fi, Power Acoustik, Pyle, Pyramid the Car Amplifiers we've gathered for you feature precise design and everlasting durability.

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Without the right components installed with your new amplifier, you will run into a number of problems and the job will be a lot harder than it should be. For instance, the lack of a ground loop isolator can lead to loud humming, popping, and cracking sounds that change with the RPM of the engine, because they come from the current of the alternator. If you do not have a turn-on adapter, you will need to get in and out of the vehicle to turn the amplifier on and off when it is in your trunk.

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You can tell if you need a ground loop isolator, or whether you have installed it incorrectly, by listening to the sound coming from the speakers. If all you hear is music, then you are good, but if it is distorted by a whining sound, then you need to check the wiring of the isolator (or install one). The lack of a turn-on adapter will make itself obvious when your amplifier is off but you want it on, and if you do not have an output converter you may find that you cannot install the amplifier in the first place.

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2013 Ferrari California
| Posted by | (Harbor Beach, MI)

A very strong amp, it sounds great! There's a bit of radio noise when it's not turned up, but that may be from elsewhere in the system. Power seems clean and true. Would buy it again.

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