About Pontiac Firebird

    A first name in American racing-inspired looks and performance, the Pontiac Firebird has been a fixture on US roads since the late 1960s and still enjoys a hefty presence to this day. It shared the same platform with Chevy Camaro and at its launch boasted a base OHC inline six-cylinder engine. More popular (of course) were one of the V8 engine configurations, which included a 5.3L good for 250 horsepower, a 5.3L quad-barreled carburetor (285 hp), and a 6.6L motor which got credit for up to 325 horsepower. The Firebird was recognized as a muscle car right from the beginning and was styled accordingly by the automaker, as the car showcased a Camaro-esque design, hood scoops, and more parts. It was different from the Camaro mostly because of the Firebird's four headlights (Chevy's muscle car displayed two). Second-generation versions of the ride premiered in 1970. The 6.6L V8 was carried over while a new Ram Air III engine configuration was introduced. While a portion of the second generation of the Firebird was marred buy the oil crisis, the car managed to remain towards the top of its class. As the early 1980s hit, Pontiac's vaunted 301 (301.6 cu. Inch, 4.9L V8) became the standard configuration, although a turbocharged 301and a Chevy 305 small block were available as options.

    The third generation of the Pontiac Firebird was introduced in 1981. Improved aerodynamics and fuel-efficiency were the main bullet points coming out of the ‘70s, as the Firebird was now lighter, sleeker, and (on some versions of the model) capable of delivering 34 miles per gallon. Offered as a three-door hatchback coupe or a two-door convertible, the Firebird used a front-engine layout with rear-wheel drive, as it had done previously. However, in order to conserve fuel Pontiac discussed going to a front-wheel drive platform, but in the end relented. Primary engine configurations during the third generation were a 2.8L V6, an upgraded 5.0L V8, and an even more robust 5.7L V8. Engines were typically mated to a three or four-speed automatic transmission, although performance-minded motorists preferred the five-speed manual.

    1993 welcomed in the fourth generation of the Pontiac Firebird. The base engine was a 3.4L V6 capable of approximately 160 horsepower with a 5.7L V8 (275 hp) available as an option. In 1994, Pontiac released the 25th Anniversary Edition Trans Am, which was white featuring a blue racing stripe painted down the center of the car, as it had in 1970. Traction control became optional in 1995 while the new base engine was a 3.8L V6 (285 hp). The special Firehawk LT4 variants of the model were introduced in 1997. Developed by SLP Performance Parts and distributed by Pontiac, the Firehawk delivered 330 horsepower along with 340 pounds-per-foot of torque. 1998 ushered in a bevy of changes to the Firebird, such as four pop-up headlights, updated badging, and other restyling cues on Firebird parts. Chevy's LS1 engine entered the lineup for the first time, as well. Taken from the Corvette, the small block V8 LS1 engine rated at around 350 horsepower when paired with the six-speed manual transmission.

    When it comes to the Pontiac Firebird, what more is there to say? The Firebird is all about attitude, plain and simple. Its sleek, suggestive exterior parts are an iconic and aggressive look that is one of the most synonymous in the world. Whether it's packaged with a V6 or V8, you can count on jaw-clenching performance and stealthy handling that can burn treads and weaken knees. And that's not a secret. Firebird drivers cherish their ride with stylish accessories and why not? This flashy, stylish icon still rules the road with uncompromising authority and its legend is only growing.

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