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Losing steering control as a result of a failure of the steering system components is one of the most worrying things. While a complete steering failure and the loss of the ability to direct the vehicle are rare, and very much the worst case scenario, even losing the use of your car's power steering can make driving more dangerous and difficult, particularly when it comes to steering-heavy maneuvers like parking or performing a three point turn.

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Without all of the steering parts functioning properly, a number of complications of varying severity can arise. Some steering systems can, when in poor working order, cause unnecessary extra wear on your tires, or cause problems to you when driving, such as leaving the steering feeling loose. Checking your steering parts and replacing any that are worn or problematic is vital to keeping your car safe and comfortable to drive.

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There are different kinds of steering configurations, depending on the type of vehicle. Most modern cars use a rack and pinion steering set up, and have power steering (also known as power assisted steering) in electric or hydraulic form. Older vehicles can often feature recirculating ball or worm and sector steering. There are also cars on the market which use four wheel (also known as 'all wheel') steering, where all wheels are steered by the driver, usually with computer assistance. The parts you may need to replace in a typical set up include tie rod ends, idler arms, the steering box, and the Pitman arm.

Replacement Steering Parts

We aim to provide our customers with the finest Replacement Steering Parts the industry can offer, which is why we accept no compromise when it comes to the quality. Created by the most reputable names in the industry, such as Dorman, Mopar, Omix-Ada, Auto 7, Omega, Delphi, Motorcraft, Rein the Replacement Steering Parts we've gathered for you feature precise design and everlasting durability.

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The Pitman arm is the part of the steering system that translates the way you move your steering wheel to the actual wheels on your car, so it is generally the most stressed part of a steering system and can become worn quite fast. The tie rod ends, which form a ball and socket joint, can become loose, which can lead to excessive tire wear, as well as other issues like wheel shimmy and unusual noises. The idler arms are also prone to wear, which can lead to similar issues and front-end instability. You can also have problems with the center link as this begins to show signs of age.

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Symptoms that one or more of these parts may be in need of replacement can include the steering feeling looser or harder than usual, the front end of your car shimmying or being less responsive, the steering wheel jerking in your hands, the car veering to one side as you drive, and strange sounds as you steer, such as grinding, banging or squealing noises. Tire wear can also be a significant indicator, as steering part deterioration can lead to the tires wearing excessively and unevenly.

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Pitman Seal Kit
1982 Jeep CJ
| Posted by | (Bullard, TX)

High quality as described and stopped power steering Pitman shaft seal leak on my 1982 Jeep scrambler with the original steering box.

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