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The drivetrain may supply the go power, but it’s the steering system that enables you to direct your vehicle where you want to go. This complex system starts at the steering wheel, and includes the column, steering gear, and the steering linkage, which acts on the wheels and tires to turn your car or truck. If your steering is feeling loose, binding or has poor return, we have the replacement parts that will restore the precision.

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There are two kinds of steering systems, conventional steering gear with linkage, and rack and pinion. In the conventional system, the steering gear is attached to the end of the steering column, with linkage that includes the pitman arm, idler arm, center link, and tie rods that connect the gear to the wheels. In a rack and pinion, the pinion gear is attached to the column and acts on a rack gear that slides back and forth as the steering wheel is turned, all enclosed in one housing. The ends of the rack gear are connected to tie rod assemblies, which are the only linkage used in this system.

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Most vehicles are equipped with power steering to make it easier for the driver to turn the wheels, which is especially helpful at slow speeds, such as during parking maneuvers. Hydraulic power steering is still the most prevalent and includes a belt-driven pump, fluid reservoir, steering gear that includes a power cylinder and control valve, and hydraulic lines that allow fluid to circulate between the pump and gear. The most common power steering system problem is leaks, usually caused by hoses that have deteriorated due to heat, ozone, the elements, and abrasion. We have direct replacement hoses for a perfect fit.

Replacement Steering Parts

We aim to provide our customers with the finest Replacement Steering Parts the industry can offer, which is why we accept no compromise when it comes to the quality. Created by the most reputable names in the industry, such as Cardone, MOOG, Dorman, Beck Arnley, Edelmann, Mopar, Omix-Ada, Auto 7, Omega, Delphi, Motorcraft, Rein the Replacement Steering Parts we've gathered for you feature precise design and everlasting durability.

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Worn linkage is another frequent steering system defect. Most steering linkage is connected with small ball joints. The ball is enclosed in a socket housing at the end of the linkage, while a tapered stud protruding from the ball fits into a tapered hole in the connecting link. The stud is secured with a nut and a dust boot covers the ball and socket. A lack of lubricant can produce excessive play between the ball and socket, resulting in steering play and incorrect wheel alignment. If inspection proves a steering linkage part is defective, we have the replacements to restore perfect steering feel.

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We can also help if more extensive repairs are needed. Power steering pumps and steering gears can leak or fail and we can provide you with a complete replacement part or a rebuild kit if you want to fix the existing unit. Steering rack boots can tear and expose the rack seals to dirt, which can quickly cause wear and fluid leaks. Inspect the boots regularly and replace them and the boot clamps at the first sign of wear, to avoid more expensive repairs. At one time, ATF was used in most power steering systems but today most require a specified fluid. Whatever your vehicle needs, we can supply the right type.

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Automotive Terminology can throw you a curve ball, when you hear certain terms which might be used interchangeably, or may indicate different systems used on different cars. Take steering: perhaps your uncle said that the steering box on his truck is worn and needs replacement, then your brother said that his steering rack is leaking and needs replacement.
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1995 Mercury Grand Marquis | Posted by Bruce | (New Haven, IN)

Local shops wanted these parts for double the cost I paid for them here. They are the same exact brand and part number and I had ordered them late Friday night and the showed up early Tuesday morning in perfect shape and got the job done. Highly recommend getting your parts through here and have no complaints.

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