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The drivetrain may supply the go power, but it’s the steering system that enables you to direct your vehicle where you want to go. This complex system starts at the steering wheel, and includes the column, steering gear, and the steering linkage, which acts on the wheels and tires to turn your car or truck. If your steering is feeling loose, binding or has poor return, we have the replacement parts that will restore the precision.


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In the conventional system, the steering gear is attached to the end of the steering column, with linkage that includes the pitman arm, idler arm, center link , and tie rods that connect the gear to the wheels. In a rack and pinion, the pinion gear is attached to the column and acts on a rack gear that slides back and forth as the steering wheel is turned. The ends of the rack gear are connected to tie rod assemblies (the only linkage used in this system.)

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