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This means that problems with the most crucial areas of your vehicle can cause a lot of inconvenience, and things don't get much more crucial when it comes to driving than the steering. If the steering on your car or truck, whatever the model or age, doesn't work properly because of issues with components like the steering linkages, driving can become difficult. At worst, it can become impossible or unsafe.

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Steering linkages are vital parts of your vehicle's steering mechanism, filling the all important role of transmitting the movement from the steering gears into the wheels, causing them to turn and direct the movement of the car. It is crucial that these parts are in proper working order as without them, you can begin to see all kinds of negative effects on your steering as you drive, such as the wheels failing to respond properly to your steering, etc.

The number of linkages and the layout and configuration of them will vary depending on how your car's steering and suspension are set up, but the majority of cars and trucks on the roads today have mechanical steering linkages rather than the newer 'steer by wire' style systems. Parts classed as steering linkages can include all of the rods and arms found within your vehicle's specific steering mechanism, and these are all parts that can be replaced fairly easily as they begin to show signs of wear and tear.

Steering linkages are subject to a lot of shock and punishment as you drive, so over time you may start to notice deterioration in the performance of your steering overall as a result of one or more of these components loosening or wearing out. Due to their location, steering linkages can also get damaged by severe shock to the vehicle when going over especially bumpy terrain, for example off road or on very badly maintained streets, and can also sustain damage in collisions and other accidents.

Signs that there could be problems with the steering linkages on your car or truck usually manifest themselves as unusual steering behavior, for example front end shimmy, the steering wheel feeling stiffer or looser to operate than usual, or your car being generally less responsive when you turn the wheel. You may also notice that your tires show unusually fast wear, or wear in uneven patterns. Unusual noises or sensations when you steer can also be indicators that you should check your steering linkages.

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