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    The Chevy Tahoe came into the picture to replace the original full-size Blazer in 1995, and has enjoyed a great deal of popularity ever since. The Tahoe was meant to deliver on a lot of the same traits and parts as its predecessor but with more versatility. As the years have gone by, Chevy has adjusted the Tahoe to meet the demands of the moment. Along with such options as an extended or shortened wheelbase, both two and four wheel drive, as well as a host of modern in-cab accessories, the Chevy Tahoe has managed to establish itself as one of the most recognizable American SUVs of this generation.

    What distinguishes the Chevy Tahoe from most SUVs in its class is the combination of toughness and comfort. Designed on the GMT400, GMT800, and GMT900 platforms, the Chevy Tahoe has had as much in common with the Silverado as with the GMC Yukon. That includes such Chevy Tahoe parts as the four-wheel drive layout, larger wheels, and a more pronounced chassis than most other SUVs of the current generation. The latest version of the Tahoe features an addition of smooth lines and an angular body stance to replicate an increase in contemporary style. The interior accessories of the Chevy Tahoe have also been upgraded with the real wood trim, a chrome-accented instrument console, and updated door panels. It was Chevy's goal to make the most recent Tahoe more palatable to upscale drivers, while also still pleasing those who prefer the rugged brand of dependability the model has been known for.

    The Chevy Tahoe is not just a vehicle for the "everyday" American driver. Thanks to efforts by Chevy in order to make the Tahoe useful for motorists of all backgrounds, countries such as Brazil have also embraced the model's versatile nature. In fact, Chevy manufactures a special law enforcement version of the Tahoe for the elite Brazilian police departments as well as for several US federal agencies, EMS units, and fire departments. Typically, this version of the Tahoe still uses 5.3 liter V8 but has a four-wheel drive layout. The "police pursuit" Tahoe uses two-wheel drive in order to avoid rolling over since the vehicle is closer to the ground, whereas the four-wheel drive model is lifted up slightly.

    By employing an unusually aggressive marketing campaign, Chevy has managed to keep the Tahoe at the forefront of its priorities within the brand. The goal of this marketing strategy has been to keep potential buyers as well as current Tahoe owners enthused about the changes the vehicle has endured. Using viral internet ads along with a featured slot on the show "The Apprentice," in which participants ran a web-based contest to see who could come up with a commercial to impress GM and see their work actually aired on national television, the Chevy Tahoe saw more awareness than ever before. Sales have dipped slightly due to the problems facing the automotive industry, but considering the climate, Chevy selling close to over 300,000 units over the course of this time in spite of it is seen as extremely impressive.

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    Chevrolet Tahoe Takes Top Honor Latest J.D. Power Study
    Chevrolet Tahoe Takes Top Honor Latest J.D. Power Study

    The latest J.D. Power and Associates Initial Quality Study are available. GM vehicles won the respective segment in this study among their rivals. Chevy's quality is recognized where it matters the most - among the customers.

    Chevy Tahoe won 9 percent above the large crossover/SUV segment which is leaded by the Cadillac Escalade. FYI Escalade won this award second time in a row despite of the age of this model. The second place in the segment went to GMC Yukon, the third to the Suburban.

    “We believe the latest J.D. Power results reflect Chevrolet’s commitment to deliver high-quality cars our customers can depend on,” said Rick Scheidt, U.S. vice president, Chevrolet Marketing. “We are working hard to make all Chevrolet models the highest-performing in their segments.”

    In the midsized sport car segment Chevy Camaro took second place. Among large SUVs Avalanche took the third place.

    The recent inquiry is based on the responses of more than 73,000 purchasers and based on the 2011 model owned for 90 days. The inquiry includes 228 questions that provide the manufacturer with all the information needed concerning a specific model.

    2011 Chevy Tahoe
    2011 Chevy Tahoe

    The Chevy Tahoe offers plenty of space to accommodate up to 9 occupants. The towing capacity and the mileage: 15 mpg / city, 21 mpg /highway, make other large trucks and SUVs envy. When comparing large SUVs its clearly seen that the Tahoe gives them a head start. Its inviting interior gives premium level comfort for the occupants. When you get into the Tahoe you immediately notice the perfect blending of functionality and design. The 2011 Chevy Tahoe was rated the Best Full Size SUV.

    The Tahoe has various security systems that protect its occupants from any types of collisions. They include: a steel safety cage, six air bags, OnStar with automatic crash response, four-wheel ABS and others. The most interesting fact is that the Tahoe is surprisingly light on its feet for a large SUV. Easy handling makes it possible to tow a boat or any other load without extra efforts. As many other large SUVs, Tahoe has a third row seat, though it would not be very comfortable for tall adults. To increase the cargo space you need to remove third row seats though it is not very easy.

    Chevy Tahoe Goes Connected
    Chevy Tahoe Goes Connected

    It is pretty hard to imagine modern life without the Internet. People can surf the Web at home, on the go, and now, in a passenger car. Up until recently the Internet on four wheels was only available via cell phones and cellular modems. Now, however, Chevrolet has taken a leap into modernity announcing new technology to turn its respected models into rolling WiFi hotspots.

    Chevy is offering the dealer-installed Wi-Fi service for seven models, including the Chevy Tahoe. The on-board system will provide a 3G network connection of up to 1.5 mbps, allowing passengers to surf the Internet freely both inside and outside the car (within 150 feet). The system can support several devices simultaneously and with additional docking stations, the router can be moved from vehicle to vehicle.

    Until the end of the year, the Wi-Fi service is available as an option for $199. It's interesting, and somewhat weird, that unlike the Tahoe and 6 other Chevy models, Chevrolet's most technologically-advanced vehicle, the Volt, will not get the Wi-Fi option.