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    Since 1976, the Nissan Maxima has been one of the Japanese giant’s most prized accomplishments. The model started out as an upscale version of the Bluebird and thus, was referred to as the Nissan Bluebird Maxima while in the US it was called the Datsun 810. The original engine options included both a 2.0L and 2.4L SOHC L-series I6. There were two different types of Maxima models initially. The base model depended on a carburetor while the sportier trim level used fuel injection and a 5-speed manual transmission. Both were rear-wheel drive. A coupe variation of the Nissan Maxima was introduced in 1979 and made available as the Datsun 810. In 1981, the Maxima name began to be used full-time. It was offered as the 810 Maxima or 810 Deluxe. It was still rear-wheel drive and it was equipped with the same 2.4L I6. 1984 saw the Nissan Maxima become front-wheel drive with an engine upgrade to an optional 3.0L VG30E V6 capable of 154 horsepower.

    As the model started to establish itself, Nissan began to press with even more updates to the Maxima parts, which was now considered a compact. Come 1987, even the base Maxima (the GXE) was stuffed with handy features normally reserved for luxury cars. Digital touch entry, power locks, windows, seats, and remote trunk opening became standard. These technical innovations would later go on to influence a variety of other automakers with their convenience and attractiveness. As the 1980s drew to a close, the Maxima parts were updated yet again. It was now bigger and referred to as a mid-size sedan. It was also sportier, which Nissan used as a marketing tactic by calling the model a 4-Door Sports Car. The engine was stepped up, operating off of a 3.0L V6 or a VE30DE that was used on the SE trim level. As the ‘90s got underway, the Nissan Maxima parts were outfitted with even more improvements. With trim levels the SE and GXE, drivers could choose between luxury and sportiness. The SE was the more upgraded model, featuring a body colored grille, a spoiler, smoked tail lights, and black trim.

    The 1990s was a very successful decade for the Maxima. It garnered numerous awards, including Motor Trend’s prestigious Import Car of the Year (1995). In 2000, the Nissan Maxima shared a chassis with the Nissan Skyline. Nissan also began to incorporate even more luxurious elements, as the Maxima GLE was the main platform for the Infiniti I30. 2001 saw a 20th Anniversary Maxima become available. It featured a body kit, a revamped interior, and limited edition wheels. The next few years saw several engine replacements, the inclusion of HID headlights, Torsen limited slip-differential, and other refinements. In 2008, the Nissan Maxima parts were once again redesigned. It shares a platform with both the Murano and the Altima. The current Maxima is very similar to the Infiniti G series in both build and interior layout. It was designed to be sleek, sporty, and offer a bolstered luxurious appeal in comparison with most other sedans in its class.

    The Maxima is one model that helped put Nissan on the map in North America, and the automotive landscape has never been the same since. The Nissan Maxima blends the best traits that drivers want in a sedan without any pretense. The Maxima "is what it is", which is a high-performing, efficient, and stylish car that can rise to any occasion. It is also packed with the power and handling to leave an impression, but the techno-savvy advantages its drivers have is what really gets attention. With so many credentials that the ride has under its belt, there aren’t a whole ton of guessing games. The Nissan Maxima is always an in-demand item and belongs in every driver's hall of fame. That's why every Nissan Maxima driver craves to beautify its Maxima with stylish accessories.

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    Nissan to Give Fresh Lines for 2012 Maxima
    Nissan to Give Fresh Lines for 2012 Maxima

    Nissan revealed its plans about some modifications of the next generation four-door Maxima. The automaker has announced that the Maxima will feature a new fascia, interior, new rear combination lights, and Dark Hyper Silver 18/19-inch aluminum alloy wheels.

    Featuring the new Dark Piano-hairline trim, the 2012 vehicle will have an all-new Atlantic Cheery wood tone trim color. The car will be equipped with an audio/HVAC system, luxury Xenon (HID) headlights, fog lamps, a dark satin front grille, a spoiler, and mirrors with integrated turn signals. The 2012 Nissan Maxima will receive new exterior colors, Dark Slate and Java Metallic. As for the interior, the car will get illuminated kick plates, a compass in the rear view mirror, a center console, and door armrest grips.

    The upgraded Maxima will arrive later this summer.