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We say that the interior of your car is the most compelling part. Sure, the outside is important, because that's what your adoring public sees first and last. And the engine is kind of important, especially if you like to go faster than most. Sure, sure, the suspension and brakes figure in this equation, too, or cars all would have the same suspension as Fred Flintstone's car.

CARiD has plenty of ways to upgrade your interior, to make it uniquely yours. We have ways to add bling, to add comfort and convenience, to make your interior more resistant to the elements, to make your automotive experience more fulfilling. Upgrade your steering wheel and specify what kind of wood and leather your fingers will constantly caress. You can even change the pedals you step on.

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Why not change the interior completely by adding a Dash Kit? These simple-to-install kits let you add rich wood, carbon-fiber or stainless or chrome accents to almost every surface of the dash and instrument panel. That includes the door panels and console for many vehicles. These simple kits are installed without tools. Simply clean the dash panel thoroughly to remove all the protectant, peel off the film over the double-sided tape, and press into place.

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We aim to provide our customers with the finest Interior Parts the industry can offer, which is why we accept no compromise when it comes to the quality. Created by the most reputable names in the industry, such as Dorman, Carriage Works, Drake Off Road, Goodmark, Omix-Ada the Interior Parts we've gathered for you feature precise design and everlasting durability.

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Tired of your interior and seats being trashed by mud, sweaty clothes, dog hair, dog drool, baby drool, spilled ice cream and petrified French Fries? Start with some Seat Covers. Add in some Rear Seat Protectors to cover the back of the front seats, some Cargo Liners for the rear storage area, a velour Dash cover, molded floor mats - and you've cocooned practically the entire inside of your car. That's an extreme example, of course. But here at CARiD we have a solution for just about every interior problem. You can either rescue a neglected interior or upgrade yours to look like a Rolls-Royce.

Interior Parts

Seat covers are perhaps the most compelling thing to use to customize your interior. We recommend seat covers for brand new cars, in fact. Protect your interior from the ravages of time, small children, pets and sloppy passengers. Choose from real leather, leatherette, suede, neoprene, long-wearing tweed or a number of sturdy coverings all calculated to repel dirt and grime. And yes, you can leave the original seat upholstery in place; simply slide the seat cover in place over it. With straps and Velcro, the covers will fit so snugly and accurately, you can convince people the car came from the factory with that fabric!

Interior Parts

Instruments are the window into your car's soul. Automotive designers have to design them for most people. You're not most people. You want instruments that catch the eye, that do more then tell you how fast you're going and how much gas you have on board. You want an instrument panel that expresses your soul. Add some soul to your instrument panel with custom gauges. Change the color of the instrument faces and the color of the backlight. Add even more gauges to the console, dash panel, overhead console or even to the a-pillar. With Gauges and mounts from CARiD, those gauges will look like they came that way.

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Pain In The *ss!
| Posted by | (Goshen, IN)

Nice looking but a pain to install, I used screws instead of the flimsy tabs to install! Poorly engineered wouldn't ever buy again save your money for something better.

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