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The Header Panel mounts at the front of the vehicle, just before the hood. Its design and function vary according to vehicle. On some cars it may be a single sheet metal panel between the fenders, separating the hood and grille, while on others it’s an unseen structural support panel to which the grille, headlights and other parts attach. Regardless of the size or shape of the header panel on your car, we can supply you with all your header panel needs.

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Header panels that are a visible part of the body can be made from steel, plastic or fiberglass. They can form part of the body or extend from fender to fender and house the grille and headlights. Since this type header panel mounts in plain sight at your vehicle’s leading edge it has to look right, especially on a restored classic. For the best header panels for classic and muscle cars we offer panels from suppliers that are restoration experts.

These pros restore cars themselves, so they know what works. Header panels are made to the original dimensions and produced using modern tooling and the latest manufacturing techniques. They test fit each design to make sure it fits and looks properly before it is approved for production. Many of these parts have been approved by the manufacturers of the original equipment and are licensed to be sold as genuine replacement parts. Why waste time rooting around in scrap yards and swap meets only to find a header panel that isn’t much better than what you already have? We have the quality replacement panel you need.

A structural header panel may not be visible, but that doesn’t mean it’s less important. If anything, the integrity of this type of header panel is even more critical because so much of the front end body structure is attached to it. Trying to straighten a collision damaged header panel is only asking for problems. Even if component attachment points are only a little bit off it will make body reassembly difficult if not impossible. Such a panel can ruin the look of the entire front end of a vehicle, that is, if you can even get the parts to bolt up.

You can end up with the same type problems with a used header panel or a cheap replacement. You don’t know the history of a used part and the vehicle it came from could have also been in an accident. And a cheap replacement header panel could be poorly made. All it takes is a little bit of panel distortion and fastener misalignment to make body assembly difficult, resulting in poorly fitting panels and overall poor front end appearance. One of our quality replacement header panels will make sure your vehicle turns out looking like new.

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  • Auto Body Parts
    When it comes to automotive restoration, experts in the field say you'll have better luck and spend the least amount of money when you start by finding the best example of the year and model you're interested in. Sound advice – however, finding a high-quality Jeep CJ5, CJ6, or CJ7 in original condition is not so easy to do. High-quality originals in stock condition are rare, and ones that are command extremely high prices due to a widespread and fanatical fan base. Jeep enthusiasts themselves uniformly agree it's harder than ever these days to find one that hasn't rusted into powder form, been chopped and modified the wrong way, or been bent badly during off-roading.

Header Panels Reviews

Average rating:  4.5  4.7 - 23 reviews
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2000 Ford Ranger / Posted by Mark (Tarkio, MO) /

This product looks great and fits perfect was shipped in a great time and priced good.

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