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    About BMW Header Panels

    It is amazing what little attention a lot of motorists pay to the header panel. Can’t blame them though because in most cases, the header panel is so well hidden it’s easy to forget it’s there in the first place. Unfortunately, it is an auto part that requires replacement every time it gets damaged in an accident or other similar situation. This is because any slight damage will mess with the alignment, and this means components such as headlights, grilles and fenders lose their alignment too, a grave eventuality which can drastically reduce your safety on the roads. Find different kinds of BMW header panels for your Bimmer at CARiD and restore the good looks of your awesome luxury vehicle. Our BMW header panels are designed specifically for BMW models and will fit perfectly onto your car, headlights and all. We rely on well known manufacturers like Goodmark and Replace for these panels, which is why our quality remains unbeatable. The most notable qualities in these brands is the high product quality sustained across all their header panel models, and this means great value for your money.

    Get header panel components for less than OE prices too, all from within our shelves. We offer the largest variety of headlight brackets, headlight doors, mounting panels and more, all from reputable manufacturers. Each of these is moderately priced, another major plus for shopping at our store, because all our prices are far more competitive than original equipment dealer prices. Your BMW deserves ‘royal’ treatment, and our range of Bimmer header panels gives you just that. Don’t let the passage of time erode the beauty of your BMW’s nose and front end in general. Get a header panel that is just the right size for your BMW size, only at CARiD. Click through the header panel catalogue to view all available header panels and header panel components.

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