Dodge Header Panels

    About Dodge Header Panels

    One of the parts that make a vehicle complete is the header panel. It may be unseen to most cars but it plays a major role by being the metal onto which the parking lights, headlights, grilles and other front end components are attached. It’ll therefore be more effective when in perfect condition. This means that dented or crumpled header panels ought to be replaced rather than repairing them so that you don’t end up messing other structural components that are attached to them. Get high quality Dodge Header Panels for restoration or repair at CARiD. We stock the very best of the panels for all Dodge cars. The quality of the products is an aspect you never have to worry about as that is taken care of by our experts. They ensure that all the header panels coming in from the manufacturers’ measure up to the set standards. Some of the brands that craft the panels are Replace and Goodmark and their products are test fit to ensure that they fit precisely, are easy to install and that they resemble the original equipment.

    At CARiD, we offer you quite an array of the header panels depending on their function as well as the size and shape of your car. We have a team of experts who’ll guide you through picking the right choice of header panel for your Dodge, whatever your model. The materials used in designing and crafting the panels are mainly plastic, fiberglass and steel, three of the most indestructible materials around. They ensure that the header panel you buy features an outstanding durability and will hardly break or crumple. There are also lots of other components that will need replacement if the panel gets hit. They include the Headlight Retaining Ring among others. Get a perfect replacement from Goodmark at affordable prices.

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