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Nowadays, a vehicle is considered to be not just a means of transport but also a kind of an entertainment center-on-wheels. And obviously, not a single entertainment center is complete without a stereo system. When it happens your newly-found, best-ever stereo replacement doesn't fit your car's dashboard a stereo dash kit is what you need to make aftermarket stereo installation easier and less time-consuming.

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The only question you should answer when ordering the kit is what kind of stereo you want to install. There are single- and double-DIN devices. DIN stands for the size of the CD player from top to bottom. While a single DIN means single size with standard height and width, a double DIN describes double size stereos. You're also welcome to choose from a variety of helpful and stylish add-ons such as pockets, radio and side brackets, trim rings, trim plates, etc.

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Generally, a standard car stereo setup comes with several elements including an antenna adapter, various panels, wiring and speaker harnesses, and many more. Each component is guaranteed to be long-lasting as it's crafted from the top-quality materials that are able to survive the wear-and-tear of daily use. In addition, all of those parts are specifically designed to fit your vehicle best so you won't discover any gaps between the kit and the dashboard; just make sure it's the proper kit for your particular model of car.

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We aim to provide our customers with the finest Stereo Installation Kits the industry can offer, which is why we accept no compromise when it comes to the quality. Created by the most reputable names in the industry, such as Metra, Scosche, American International, Beat-Sonic, Axxess the Stereo Installation Kits we've gathered for you feature precise design and everlasting durability.

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To help you put the finishing touch to your interior design, a full range of car stereo accessories is available as well. Those include steering wheel control interfaces and adapters, FM modulators, noise filters, and other useful add-ons. You may use them to use stereo controls safely while driving, send and pick up iPod signals by means of your FM stereo, and reduce amp and ground noises. With such a variety of added options offered, your opportunities to make one of the most unique car stereos are almost endless.

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To put a stereo dash kit or any extra components on, you'll surely require more tools than you could expect at first. At, you'll easily find almost everything you need to make your DIY installation a piece of cake. Removal kits, universal harnesses, connectors, adapters, wire terminals, and other helpful things will ensure your job runs smoothly and effectively. So, instead of hiring a mechanic to do the trick, you can try your own skills to perform the task and further enjoy listening to your favorite music while driving.

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2006 Honda Ridgeline
| Posted by | (Edmonds, WA)

First, a bit of context. There's not a lot of aftermarket products available for the Honda Ridgeline, so when something can be found to allow a replacement of an OEM part, it's easy to get excited. The Scosche dash kit doesn't disappoint. The color, style, and finish is a perfect match to those from Honda. The efficient design made the installation of the Nakamichi ND788 a simple process, and the finished product a huge upgrade over the stock offering.

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