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Nothing can make the miles fly by while you're at the wheel on a long road trip than a good car stereo or video system. A quality aftermarket car stereo can provide a crystal clear sound you'll really love, while a couple of monitors will keep kids from getting fidgety, absorbing their attention with a movie or a game and allowing you to concentrate on the road. Before you enjoy a new system, make sure you have everything to complete the installation job.

Installation Parts

So, you want to upgrade your car’s stereo. You close your eyes and imagine the cabin filled with resonant tones and throbbing base, but then you’re brought down to earth with the thought of ugly radio faceplates, ill-fitting speakers, and endless wire splicing. It doesn’t have to be that way. Our installation parts and kits make aftermarket stereo and video installation a breeze. Shop here and you can be enjoying your new tunes in no time.

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One of the knocks against aftermarket stereo receivers was that they detracted from the look of the dash. They could fit poorly, and the universal face plates that were supplied stuck out like a sore thumb. No more. The stereo dash kits we offer are specifically designed for each vehicle, made to exacting tolerances, and manufactured from OEM quality plastic, for factory like appearance. LCD displays, lighting, and soft-touch buttons are included as required.

Installation Parts

We aim to provide our customers with the finest Car Stereo / Video Installation Parts the industry can offer, which is why we accept no compromise when it comes to the quality. Created by the most reputable names in the industry, such as Install Bay, Metra, Scosche, American International, Beat-Sonic, Xscorpion, PAC, Axxess the Car Stereo / Video Installation Parts we've gathered for you feature precise design and everlasting durability.


Connecting a car stereo into the electrical system used to require a lot of cutting and splicing, but our vast selection of wiring harnesses simplify the task with OEM quality terminals and connectors. We even have plug & play harnesses designed for specific vehicles and aftermarket stereos, so no cutting, splicing or soldering is required. Many vehicles require a data interface when installing an aftermarket radio to retain OEM accessory features. We offer OE integration products, each of which auto detects the vehicle it is installed in and automatically configures itself to work with that vehicle.

Installation Parts

Some factory radios require special tools for removal. We have the individual head removal tools specified by Mercedes-Benz, Ford, and others, as well as complete head removal tool sets. Installing a car stereo system requires the removal of dash panels, door panels, carpeting, and upholstery. We can supply you with the durable plastic pry bars, and trim and fastener removal tools, you need to get the job done without part damage. Wiring connections and routing can be a big part of a stereo installation, so be prepared with our wire strippers, crimpers, soldering irons, heat shrink tubing, heat gun, wire ties and tubing.

A total sound transformation requires upgraded speakers, and we have the speaker installation adapters to allow different size and shape speakers to be easily installed, fabrication products like speaker pods and rings to facilitate a custom speaker installation, as well as speaker grills for a factory like appearance. When installing your speakers, apply sound damping material to ensure road noise and vibration are kept out and you get nothing but pure music. The material we offer is thicker than competitors for more effective noise elimination, odorless, and easy to install.

Whether you’re replacing your existing antenna or upgrading, we have what you need, including replacement antenna masts, adapters, extension cables, power antennas, and antenna FM modulators. And there’s no need to go anywhere else for the parts needed to complete your installation. We offer copper primary and speaker wire, premium audio cables, amplifier installation kits, every kind of connector and terminal, power components like relays, ground loop isolators, and noise filters, fuses, circuit breakers and fuse holders, and panel fasteners, grommets, tape and adhesive.

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2007 Volkswagen Beetle | Posted by Raymond | (Naperville, IL)

My fiance's antenna of her 2007 Volkswagen New Beetle was chipped off by a not-so-intelligent individual using a snow shovel to clean off her car a few winters ago. Regardless of the cause, the antenna was rendered useless and acted purely as a water stop for the antenna penetration. I ordered this antenna as a direct fit replacement, by searching her make and model through CARiD. As soon as it came I removed the necessary trim on the Beetle's hatch opening and looked at the wiring connections. When wiring an amplified antenna, there are two required connections: power from the battery (typically controlled by a radio fuse for on/off) and the actual signal send from the antenna to the back of the radio. To be a direct plug and play, the component you wish to replace needs to match the precious components wiring, and thus have the required wiring harness(es) that plug into existing leads of the car. This product does not have any matching wiring harnesses for a 2007 New Beetle (0 for 2 for wiring leads/connections). In fact, the antenna signal wiring was a male end of a larger diameter of the existing female end of the old antenna (male-male connection is not possible in the electrical world). I did not want to spend the over $300 dollars for a direct OEM part from Germany (or wait the time it would take to ship), thus I took on making this antenna work. I removed the old antenna and spliced the wiring connections with plenty of length left on the car-side of the leads. I then stripped and spliced both the antenna's leads and the car's leads, wire nutted and taped (electrical tape) the connections. Radio now works in her Beetle. The bottom line was that either CARiD or the actual manufacturing company, Scosche, dropped the ball on listing compatibility. The only matched factor of the antenna was the fact it fit through the hole in the roof (I had my drill ready just in case). This product performs well but is possibly an advanced install, depending on your vehicle.

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