Fiat Stereo Installation

    About Fiat Stereo Dash Kits

    You're the proud owner of a high end automobile made by Fiat, the largest automotive manufacturer in Italy. This company is a majority share-holder in many of the top auto industry brands, including Ferrari, Maserati, and Chrysler Corporation. The stock entry-level or premium audio system in your Fiat will sound great at low volumes, but most Fiat owners find the need to replace their stock deck with an aftermarket one that comes with additional adjustment options and more power. CARiD offers you everything that you'll need to install your new stereo, including an all-important RAP Retention Interface, which is needed to connect your new dash stereo unit to the Fiat's wiring harness.

    The RAP Retention Interface by Axxess is designed to connect directly to the stock wiring harness, so you don't lose the slick accessory options provided by the manufacturer. The accessories connected to your stock stereo include the navigation system, steering wheel controls, dash dimmer, and amplifier remote. You'll also want to browse through our selection of other stereo installation accessories, including the dash mounting kits by Metra: DIN Stereo Dash Kit, blank customizable cover panels, universal EQ pockets for storage, and a selection of finishing trim rings offered in different colors.

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