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    For decades, Honda has been one of the top automobile manufacturers worldwide. And it’s no surprise – they make amazing vehicles. While most Honda vehicles don’t exactly excite the senses, they are all reliable and built to last a very long time. In fact, Honda’s outlast almost every other make of vehicle out on the road today. It is not unheard of for a Honda Civic engine to power through 200k, 250k, or even 300k miles without much issue.

    While the engines of Hondas are built to last forever, some of the interior parts are not so well-made. One area that often causes issues is the stock stereo. Stock stereos in most vehicles are low quality, and Honda is no different. If the time has come to replace or repair your stereo, we can help! Here at CARiD, we carry Honda stereo installation parts to help you out. We offer stereo dash kits, wiring, harnesses, and more! Plus, everything we sell is priced very reasonably. We use our industry experience and connections to secure wholesale deals at great prices, and in turn we pass the savings on to you! We are also dedicated to customer service, and we have a team standing by 7 days a week to help you out!

    When installing a new stereo in your dashboard, you'll definitely need to use a dash kit to make the device look as if it was there from the very beginning. Fortunately, CARiD offers an ultimate collection of car stereo setups crafted from OEM-quality ABS plastic to serve you for many years to come. All products that we store are made to custom fit your specific vehicle and so come textured, contoured, and painted to match the factory finish. If it's hard for you to make a choice, you can always check 9 stereo dash kit reviews with an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars, and find the unit that is perfect for you.

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    Customer Reviews
    2012 Honda Fit
    Posted by

    "The dash kit is a perfect replacement for the factory assembly in shape and size. Color, however, is slightly off for the 2012 fit I installed. Doing a bit of research, I found that Honda changed up the interior color slightly in 2012, and the aftermarket makers didn't. It was just a matter of experimenting with some paints and some fine sanding to get it to match, so not all was lost. Again, this is a fantastic dash kit for the odd shape of the fit, and it is made well. Just keep in mind, if you have a newer fit, the color might be off slightly."

    2012 Honda CR-V
    Posted by

    "This harness is amazing, but since there are many different OEM stereos based on simple, amp, navi; you may have to add some wires to the empty connectors."

    2012 Honda Accord
    Posted by

    "This is a very good looking dash kit. Very clean and has that OEM look to it. But... All my climate control buttons stick whenever I turn on or adjust any of my settings. Very annoying. They stick up or down and they do not budge... I have to pick at it with my fingernails to get them unstuck. I don't know if anybody else had this problem but I know I did."

    2007 Honda Accord
    Posted by

    "The dash just took my car to a new level and I'm gonna order the better one with the a/c controls when I'm able to upgrade. You guys make quality products!"

    2008 Honda Accord
    Posted by

    "Great choice! This kit holds my DIN unit perfectly. Fast installation and excellent fitment. Now my car's interior looks way better than it used to. Thumbs up!"