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When you think of body parts in need of repair or replacement, your roof probably isn’t your first thought. But ask anyone who’s had a tree limb fall on their roof or experienced a hail storm and they can tell you all about roof damage. And owners of classic and muscle cars can regale you with tales of severe roof rust encountered when the vinyl roofs were removed. But regardless of the damage, we have the panels to make your roof right again.

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The heyday of vinyl covered roofs was in the 1960s and 70s, which unfortunately coincides with the peak years of the muscle car era. A lot of these cherished and highly valued machines came from the factory with vinyl roofs, much to a vehicle restorer’s chagrin. It is common for the trim on these roofs to leak and trap water underneath. This moisture inevitably causes rust that in its most severe form can result in metal perforation.

If you want your restoration to be perfect, repairing this damage is not the answer. The flat expanses of the average roof will make any poor body work show through the paint. Although it may seem to be a daunting job, the answer is to replace the entire roof panel. We can’t make the actual job any easier but we can help by supplying everything you need to complete the job. We offer roof skins made to the original dimensions using modern tooling by restoration specialists. You can be confident that a roof panel you purchase from us will look exactly the same as the original.

Along with the roof skin you’ll need the roof panel braces for support and the metal drip rails or gutters. Drip rails disappeared from vehicles when aerodynamics and fuel mileage became all important, but they were useful features that kept water from pouring off the roof into the cab when you cracked the windows in a rain storm. Drip rails are adorned with anodized aluminum or stainless steel moldings that trim the roof line. We can supply you with all of these parts as well as the weatherstripping to complete the job.

Many suppliers selling replacement roof panels claim items they sell fit correctly. But upon installation, the aftermarket panels are so thin that they can dent easily from the smallest of acorns. Or they may be the wrong shape, size, and have contour bends that aren't cleanly shaped. Non-fitting panels require professional cutting and welding to correct, and if a panel does not feature the right lengths and widths, the only option is returning it. The time and money spent correcting imperfections or finding another panel will cost you far more than any amount saved on a lower purchase price.

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    So you went ahead and did it. You found, bought, and dragged home your dream car. Except that in its present condition, it more closely resembles a nightmare. It's nothing that some sweat equity (oh, and time and money) can't fix. At least you have the time to make a plan. Looking at the body, you see rust in the usual places: the quarter panels, door bottoms, and trunk floor. You're relieved at first to see that the tin worm has limited its appetite to the lower extremities.

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2006 Jeep Wrangler / Posted by Hector (Kissimmee, FL) /

The price I paid for the Jeep soft top was reasonable. The quality of it was amazingly good and the customer service was very helpful.

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