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    Recognizing that the aftermarket wheels industry had many niche styles, Diablo eventually began founding various offshoots starting in 2007 with Gianna Wheels. Since then, various other brands have also been created, such as Curva Concepts, Lionhart Tires, and finally Tirado Designs. With the express intent of raising the bar and revolutionizing the designs of aftermarket wheels, Tirado Designs has pioneered an entirely new type and style and has propelled it into the limelight and left its competitors trailing far behind in its wake.

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    Tirado Designs is an offshoot of Diablo Wheels – a leader in the automotive wheel industry. Right from the moment Gary Jerjerian founded Diablo Wheels in 2000, he did not want it to be a brand that rested on its laurels. With over 27 years of experience, Jerjerian knew well how fickle the industry could be and set Diablo up to create new designs. As the first company to create custom finish accessories and removable inserts, Diablo Wheel's reputation is rock solid.

    Having patented this new style of aftermarket wheels, Tirado Designs has affirmed its position as a trendsetter in the aftermarket wheels industry. Enthusiasts are flocking to the brand to get their hands on its amazing wheels, and many others are wondering what Tirado Designs has planned next. It is safe to say that the brand is already living up to Diablo Wheel's expectations and has done better than anyone would have anticipated. Assuming it is able to continue to provide designs such as its current line of wheels, its future should be more than secure.

    No other aftermarket wheels manufacturer holds a candle to the creativity that Tirado Designs has demonstrated, which is in no small part the source of its success in the industry. The sheer scope of their accomplishments is clearly illustrated by the styles and designs of the wheels that they produce and has helped them to make a name for themselves despite being relatively young. Today the brand can be found practically everywhere throughout the United States, and internationally it is just as sought after as well. The dedication Tirado Designs has shown when it comes to raising the bar and setting a new standard for wheel designs is without a doubt unprecedented.

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    2002 Cadillac Escalade
    | Posted by | (El Paso, TX)

    The wheel I ordered is awesome! I'd like to thank CARiD for a great customer support too. They helped me to chose the right set and ensured that it would be delivered timely. I'll buy from them again!

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