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If you prefer to think of your Volkswagen Passat as of a fellow with its own character, go further and give it a unique appearance. Do it with the help of custom wheels from CARiD and enjoy an improved ride in addition. To all car enthusiast, we offer a lot of precise rims of every sort and kind. The sizes range from 16'' to 20'', and finish options vary from chrome and black to gold and custom painted. All items conform to the manufacturers' declarations and general standards of the industry, which is proved by our own in-house car experts.

Any set of Volkswagen Passat custom wheels you pick out at CARiD will enhance your car's performance and advance its appearance remarkably. No matter if you choose gloss black with machined face and lip cast wheels by Konig or 1-piece forged lightweight alloy wheels by Lexani, you are sure to get an upgraded ride with a dazzling, luxurious appearance. Explore the variety of selected aftermarket rims made by Vision, Status, Styluz, Konig, Katana, and more than a dozen of other makers. Our site navigation system is easy to understand and to follow and is complemented by our outstandingly friendly and professional staff, available on the phone and online at 7 days a week.

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Stanced. Demon camber. You may know it as oni-camber. You've seen the look, and whether you like it or not is totally beside the point. The great thing about this stanced look is that it gets your attention. From the interviews we've read with owners and drivers of these machines, that is exactly what they are after. They've said that it's all about being noticed.
Wheels that catch your eye because they really set off a vehicle do so because they are clean and sparkling, not dirty. If turning back to gaze at your own rims brings disappointment, the time is now to clean them up, get them looking their best with a shine, and develop a routine for keeping them that way.
Custom Wheels 101
To get the proper wheel for your car or truck, the wheel must have the right combination of wheel dimensions. Just as the sleeve length on a shirt or the inseam on a pair of pants has to be right for them to fit your body, your wheels have to be the right size for them to fit properly on your car or truck. This article will explain the various dimensions and how...

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| Posted by Daniel | (Susanville, CA)

I was patiently awaiting these wheels for weeks while they were being manufactured. I followed the instructions and dry fitted the rims before having the tires mounted on them so clearance and fit was not an issue, (and it was not). I do admit that I thought that with the cost of the wheels that more care (quality control) would be given to the finished product prior to the customer taking possession of them. There was a lot of residual debris on the wheels more so on the inside but some on the outside of the rims, it looked to be dried on black something maybe tooling liquid and for me there could have been a lot more care to assure that the wheels were cleaned and polished better and not have this type of debris on the wheels. Also there seemed to be quite a difference in the wheels when it came to the balancing of them. So far I do not notice any vibration or noticeable pulling left or right. I will say they really make the car look better, and it was the look I was hoping to see. The wheel locks were of good quality and I did not have any issues with them. Would I recommend a friend to purchase yes, but I would let them know of my experience and if they have more patience then I did send the wheels back and have the manufacturer properly clean and polish the wheels correctly instead of leaving that for the customer especially when you are getting them out of the box for the first time and have waited the time for delivery and the cost you paid.

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