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    DUB enjoys a well-deserved reputation as a manufacturer of the most versatile aftermarket rims ever. Exclusive design solutions and impeccable quality of DUB wheels made the brand highly popular all over the globe, and the huge army of devoted fans continues to grow. Today, the company shares its experience with Foose, US Mags, Davin, and other brands that are united by MHT Luxury Alloys. Together with the sister brands, DUB revolutionizes the industry, delivering high-end products that leave no room for the rivals. DUB produces rims in a wide range sizes for any vehicle.

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    From elegant luxury imports to stout domestic trucks, DUB offers wheels that will make jaws drop as you pass by. Upscale design solutions accompanied by exquisiteness and verve, that's what DUB brings to the artistic side of the equation. For those who take the word "custom" seriously, DUB delivers a three-piece design option to allow customers to mix and match colors. Built using CNC machining equipment, DUB rims ensure a precise fit and extra durability.

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    All DUB wheels are crafted from alloys of supreme durability to ensure lasting service. When the artistic design of a new DUB rim is developed, it is computerized for measurements and bolt pattern of your exact vehicle. After all the measurements are calibrated, the wheel is ready to be formed. The material is melted down, injected into a mold, and cooled. After the initial stage is finished, the wheels are trimmed and inspected for any imperfections.

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    To ensure that all DUB custom wheels are durable, they are heat treated in a special oven. Finally, the rims are given the finish. After the final inspection is made, a DUB wheel is ready to be boxed and shipped to you. Using advanced design and manufacturing methods, the company manufactures wheels for virtually all vehicles that are on the road today. The wheels are built to the strictest manufacturing standards to provide you with years of hassle-free service.

    Whether you opt for the one-piece of multipiece DUB wheels, you are guaranteed to get the hottest wheels ever. You simply can't go wrong with these rims, as their clean and smooth design solutions are perfect for the light trucks, SUV's, passenger cars, and virtually any vehicle that is on the road today. Don't forget that DUB wheels are highly customizable. You can order any color combination you can imagine, and DUB will gladly create a set of custom rims for you.

    • DUB® - BANDITO Chrome on Chevy Silverado
    • DUB® - BIG HOMIE Chrome on Chevy Silverado
    • DUB® - RIO 6 Black with Machined Face on Chevy Silverado
    • DUB® - FANATIC Custom Painted on Chevy Caprice
    • DUB® - BALLER Chrome on Chevy Camaro
    • DUB® - BULLY Chrome on Cadillac Escalade
    • DUB® - STASHOLA Custom Painted on Chevy Caprice
    • DUB® - Skirts Custom Painted on Chevy Impala
    • DUB® - Skirts Custom Painted on Chevy Caprice
    • DUB® - DOGGY STYLE Chrome with Custom Painted Inserts on Lincoln Navigator
    • DUB® - FADER C-14 Custom Painted on Chrysler 300
    • DUB® - MAMBA Chrome with Custom Painted Inserts on Chrysler 300C

    One of the most exclusive offers made by DUB are the famous DUB Spinners. Built in the USA using advanced CNC equipment, they offer precise fit and promise iconic style. Whether you are riding across the neighborhood or showing off in the city, Dub Spinners will never stop. For the true aficionados, DUB Wheels designed the Zane wheel line. The unique mesh and paintable inserts set these rims apart from any other wheels offered on the market.

    No other manufacturer can compete with DUB Wheels, whether we are talking about style, fit, durability, or quality. Their enormous success is induced by the company's commitment to constant innovation and improvement. Whether you need a one-piece rim, a three-piece wheel, or a set of spinners, DUB has you covered. The quantity of finish options is countless. Chrome rims and black wheels, and any color patter you want - the only limit is your imagination. Made by car enthusiasts who accept nothing but perfection when it comes to custom rims, DUB wheels are real neck breakers. Offering custom wheels in myriads of finish and design options and in the sizes ranging from 19" to 32", DUB delivers the most versatile rims ever.

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