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    Devoted to quality and performance, Konig has been revolutionizing custom wheels industry for over 30 years. The company began its operations as a division of Pan Mar Corporation in 1983, and today, their wheels are known all over the globe for their innovative design, light weight, and solid construction. A lot of brands have come and go, but Konig and its daughter companies Maxxim, Advanti and Privat remain strong and keep their leading position on the auto market. Having thousands of admirers worldwide, Konig continues to prove that they offer one of the finest products on the market.

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    Konig spares no effort to produce industry's most coveted custom rims. The company is committed to the quality-oriented attitude that leads the industry. The superb craftsmanship and quality of Konig rims are recognized by car fans and sought after by professionals. The company's engineers blend together years of track-tested experience with passion for innovation and cutting-edge technologies to satisfy needs of even the most demanding customers.

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    Konig uses the MAT technology that has a drastic effect on the structure of the material. The spinning and flow-forming technologies involved in the manufacturing process help to achieve properties that previously could be obtained from the forging process only. The result is an extra density of the end-product, which means there will be no porosity or voids that can lead to cracks or corrosion. As a result, Konig rims maintain their luster for a long time.

    Konig designs and manufactures the most advanced wheels and leaves no rock unturned in their drive to bring their clients the latest in design and function. Each Konig wheel is engineered to meet rigorous OEM specifications and exacting quality control standards. Konig stands behind their products 100%, and strives to satisfy each single customer. All Konig rims are covered by a one-year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.

    • KONIG® - on Car
    • KONIG® - Racing
    • KONIG® - MILLIGRAM Gold with Machined Undercut on Car
    • KONIG® - ROLLER Silver with Machined Face on Car
    • KONIG® - on Car
    • KONIG® - Racing
    • KONIG® - Close-Up
    • KONIG® - on Car
    • KONIG® - Racing
    • KONIG® - on Car
    • KONIG® - on Car
    • KONIG® - MILLIGRAM Gold with Machined Undercut on Car

    Should you have any problems with Konig wheels, the company will replace or repair the defective product. However, it is unlikely that you'll ever have to use that warranty, because with all those in-house tests and examinations, not a single defective rim leaves the Konig facilities. Wheel after wheel and vehicle after vehicle, the company continues to manufacture wheels that are second to none and keeps winning more and more admirers worldwide.

    No one can compete with Konig, whether we are talking about fit, style, or durability. Made by car enthusiasts who accept nothing but perfection, Konig Wheels are real neck breakers. Whether you want to dress up your vehicle with something elegant like 17" wheels, or want to go extra big and get a set of 24" rims, Konig has you covered. The company offers the widest range of performance wheels, available in the widest array of finish and size options. Want to deck out your vehicle with a set of chrome wheels? Long for black, silver, or custom-painted rims? Konig has what you need. Led by a strong commitment to product excellence, the company works hard to create stylish and unique wheels that match just about any vehicle while providing years of hassle-free service.

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    2013 Mitsubishi Lancer
    | Posted by | (Lafayette, IN)

    Very happy with the overall look of the Red Konig illusion rims. Very happy customers. Will be buying more custom car parts in the future.

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