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    Founded by an ex-Formula One driver, TSW is one of the top names in the aftermarket wheel industry. Their custom rims are marketed all over the globe, however in the US and Europe custom rims by TSW are particularly admired. The constantly growing demand for the company's wheels encouraged TSW to introduce a range of alloy wheel brands, including Mandrus, Cray, Huntington, and Redbourne, that address the needs of specific vehicles. Every day they do the same thing: they reinvent the wheel.

    Today, TSW is one of the top manufacturers of custom one-piece alloy wheels. An enormous range of elegant yet efficient custom rims is what TSW offers in the widest array of finish option, including chrome, silver, bronze, gold, black, hyper-silver, and white. When it comes to design solutions, TSW showcases rims that can satisfy the tastes and needs of even the most demanding clients. Using advanced design and manufacturing methods, TSW managed to craft optimum wheels for virtually all vehicles that are on the road today. The wheels are built to TSW's strict manufacturing standards while maintaining the lightest possible weight.

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    Involved in motor racing for over thirty years, TSW is a brand that provides products of professional quality and upscale design. The TSW wheels are produced from the ultra-grade alloy to ensure uppermost quality and first-class durability. When the TSW team designs a new custom rim, they make sure it is calibrated for high-accuracy measurements. Today, the company also offers the widest array of staggered wheel applications. Some sizes are offered in as many as three different widths to provide perfect fitment and stunning look. The TSW rims are available in staggered sizes ranging from 17 inches to 22 inches.

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    Even the best is not enough for the company, and all is because TSW is deeply committed to improvement and innovation. It is known that cast wheels are heavier and larger compared to forged rims. To meet the requirements of the customers, TSW found a way to produce custom rims that are as strong as forged rims, yet are more affordable. Thus, Nurburgring and Interlagos alloy wheels are made using rotary forging. This cost-effective technique creates a bridge between forged and cast rims. The outer rim of a wheel is formed at high pressure while the rim is spun at a high speed. The end-product has a much tighter structure than a cast wheel, and it is also significantly lighter. The bests thing about the rotary forged wheels is that they don't break the bank.

    Striving for perfection down to the latest detail, TSW crafts each product with the ultimate attention to every single aspect. While most custom rims are manufactured to fit a wide range of vehicles, the TSW wheels are either made to be hubcentric, or come with a metal ring that provides flawless fit. And surely, TSW goes above and beyond to make sure that the offset is perfect for each vehicle. After a wheel is finished, it is subject to a balance test to ensure smooth, vibration-free ride. Offering the quality you expect and deserve, TSW does everything for you to get custom rims that are second to none.

    • TSW® - INTERLAGOS Silver with Mirror Cut Face on Car
    • TSW® - TREMBLANT Silver with Brushed Face and SS Lip on Lexus GS
    • TSW® - INTERLAGOS Matte Black on Honda Civic
    • TSW® - INTERLAGOS Silver with Mirror Cut Face on Chevy Corvette
    • TSW® - TREMBLANT Silver with Brushed Face and SS Lip on Lexus GS
    • TSW® - BROOKLANDS Silver with Mirror Cut Face on Kia Optima
    • TSW® - NURBURGRING Matte Gunmetal on Mercedes SLK Class
    • TSW® - MIRABEAU Silver with Machined Face and SS Lip on Mercedes
    • TSW® - RIVAGE Gloss Black with Milled Spokes on Car
    • TSW® - ROUEN Silver with Brushed Face and SS Lip
    • TSW® - VORTEX Hyper Silver on Kia Optima
    • TSW® - NURBURGRING Matte Gunmetal on Mercedes SLK Class

    In keeping with the racing heritage of the brand, a lot of the TSW rims are based on the racing technology and race type styling, and moreover, they are often named after the famous Formula One tracks. Although racing has very different demands on our products than street use, it has given us the opportunity to learn and to improve the product that you would use on your street car.

    The company pioneered the race-inspired hex nut look that have been a popular choice for show cars. TSW believes that it is imperative to produce wheels which correctly fit each vehicle. That is why their rims are manufactured to meet the most rigorous standards, which often exceed the industry norm. As a result, a vehicle that sits on the TSW alloy wheels rides smoother and handles easier.

    TSW wheels are one-piece cast wheels, made to the highest standards of manufacturing. The competition experience of TSW has led the company to focus on other aspects of wheel manufacture that produce more performance per dollar spent than the forging process does. This is why TSW cast wheels perform better than most forged custom wheels. Elite engineering indeed ensures elite results you can depend on.

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    The product met and exceeded my expectations. Could of saved some money by just going with the stock rims but the quality and look of the TSW rims made the Sportage so much better. Worth every penny!

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