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    Koko Kuture is a brand of custom rims created by the renowned WTW Inc. The brand markets design innovations that bore into the future of the haute-couture wheel fashion. Year by year, Koko Kuture, as well as its sister-brands Giovanna, GFG, and Gianelle, introduces cutting-edge and revolutionary design. Koko has developed a loyal following of devoted admirers who regard the brand as the worldwide design leader. Every style has enormous detail, you get what you pay for and with KOKO Kuture wheels, it is evident.

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    Koko Kuture offers a separate philosophy, catering to the individualism and creativity of automotive enthusiasts. The aim of the Koko team is to offer custom wheels that attract attention by complementing appearance of the world's most exclusive cars, giving a new dimension to the well-known contours of the superb vehicles. The unique Koko Kuture Bezel System makes it possible to quickly change the color of the wheel rim for it to match your mood or to give the car a whole new character. Other brands are left nothing to do but to look upon Koko Kuture wheels with envy.

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    The aftermarket wheels by Koko Kuture combine the latest in casting technologies, the finest materials, dozens of designs, wide sizing range, and tons of finishes. Standard chrome and black rims won't surprise anyone today. You are welcome to chose color for each part of a Koko wheel for it reflect your sense of style. And changeable bezels give myriads of options for customizing without buying additional sets of rims. Being part of the WTW Inc. family, Koko Kuture offers rims in sizes ranging from 17-inches and up to 26-inches in diameter, including the most popular 20" and 22" rims.

    Koko Kuture wheels on a Lamborghini or Ferrari are like a diamond necklace around the neck of Cindy Crawford or Naomi Campbell. The jewelry is beautiful in itself, and is in fact designed to draw attention to the exquisite shapes of the body it adorns. The Koko Kuture wheels bring the look of the already amazing vehicles to the whole new level, giving them a crisp edge that makes the original shape of the body stand out in its fullest strength.

    • KOKO KUTURE® - SARDINIA Matte Black on Dodge Challenger
    • KOKO KUTURE® - MASSA-7 Black with Machined Face on Mercedes S Class
    • KOKO KUTURE® - LINDOS Black with SS Lip on BMW 328i
    • KOKO KUTURE® - SARDINIA-5 Black with Machined Edge on Mercedes CL63
    • KOKO KUTURE® - LINDOS Matte Black with Gloss Black Lip on BMW M3
    • KOKO KUTURE® - MASSA-5 Black on Chevy Camaro
    • KOKO KUTURE® - SARDINIA-5 Black with Machined Edge on Mercedes CL63
    • KOKO KUTURE® - Wheels on Bentley Continental GT
    • KOKO KUTURE® - SARDINIA-5 Silver with Machined Edge on BMW 325i
    • KOKO KUTURE® - SARDINIA Matte Black on Dodge Challenger
    • KOKO KUTURE® - MASSA-7 Black with Machined Face on Rolls Royce Ghost
    • KOKO KUTURE® - SARDINIA-5 Silver with Machined Edge on Honda Crosstour

    Koko Kuture is not another cookie-cutter wheel lineup. Just as the rest of the WTW Inc. brands, it offers unique and exquisite solutions. Year after year, WTW team reinvents the wheel all over again. It is surely not an easy task to do because production of a quality rims with a timeless design takes a lot of time and efforts. However hard the task is, WTW Inc. creates new products that blend together state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques and the most creative designs. The secret behind the success of the company lies in the philosophy that has proven itself over years. WTW is devoted to constant improvement of the best, to production of aftermarket wheels for the most discerning clients. That is why the company sets trends, not follows in other people's footsteps. WTW delivers custom wheels that bring the joy to all those who are fortunate enough to see them. And Koko rims are definitely not an exception. Koko offers top-tier cast wheels that are created to comply with the requirements of those who know that enough is never enough. Offering the optimum balance between performance and looks, Koko wheels are elegant and truly unique modifications.

    Even though WTW Inc. delivers products of unparalleled quality, there is nothing that is perfect. The company is ready to rectify their mistakes. In case you find any imperfections in the WTW Inc. wheels, be it material or craftsmanship, the company will, at its discretion, repair, refinish or replace your rims within one year of purchase. There are surely certain limitations to the warranty. Thus for it to be applicable, the wheel must be mounted using proper equipment, and in accordance with the standard mounting and balancing procedures. Another limitation is that the warranty is applicable to the original purchaser only, which means that the second party purchase of WTW Inc. products is not covered.

    Koko Kuture wheels embody creative power of the WTW designers. They feature an appealing yet bold design that can elevate the look and feel of any vehicle, and at the same time, positively affect its performance. Each and every curve of a Koko rim is worth a thousand words, and each wheels is worth a poem. Koko wheels are available in numerous finish options, including mirrorlike chrome, stunning black, as well as amazing custom finishes. Manufactured for great vehicles to make them even greater, Koko wheels are made from premium materials by the most skillful designers and engineers. It all insures that the wheels you get comply with the most exacting standards set in the industry and deliver the quality you can rely on. Let Koko Kuture help you transform your vehicle into a bespoke creation, and let us help you select the proper-fitting set of Koko wheels.

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    Really lightweight
    2011 BMW 3-Series
    | Posted by | (Princeton, NJ)

    The Massa-5 are good looking (like the ADV.5) and really lightweight. Wherever I drive, they catch everyone's attention. My M3 looks sick. Sure they will last.

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