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    Giovanna is now well established as the leader of fashion in automobile custom rims. No other competitor can match the pace of innovation demonstrated by the brand. Its success has inspired the maker of Giovanna Wheels to introduce GFG, Koko Kuture and Gianelle that featured differing character, aimed at other groups of discerning customers. Giovanna wheels have attained a reputation of delivering the most stylish and sophisticated designs for today's cars, trucks and SUVs.

    Giovanna (or frequently misspelled as Giovanni) created a sensation when this exclusive series of aftermarket wheels for luxury and exotic cars was introduced in 1997. Giovanna was the first brand to challenge the designers of the best cars in the world, giving their discriminating owners an opportunity to improve on what others perceived as perfect. These rims were enthusiastically received by the market, inspiring the owner of the brand, WTW Corporation, to expand the product line and to introduce new series of chrome wheels aimed at new categories of discerning customers.

    Giovanna Wheels Customizer Koko Kuture Bezel System

    Giovanna is now the preferred wheel manufacturer for owners of Rolls-Royce, Bentley, Cadillac, BMW, Mercedes-Benz and other high-end automobiles. This brand offers the owners of exclusive automobiles an opportunity to give their perfect automobiles that little edge which is essential to express a true personality. The Giovanna Wheels are solid and strong. Being first to introduce 22", 24", and 26" wheels, Giovanni is now established as a trailblazer of wheel sizes, offering the range from 18" to 28". Giovanna Wheels are made with intense passion by professional engineering personnel.

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    Giovanna Wheels, designed for the top-of-the-line cars, also can be fitted to everyday drivers and custom cars, always improving the appearance and the attention-getting factor of the hosting vehicle. Although fitting a wide range of cars, Giovanna will always be an exclusive choice, made by the automobile enthusiasts who are only satisfied by the very best. They could make their exclusive cars even more exclusive and personalize them to their own taste.

    WTW Corporation is the manufacturer of four brands of wheels, Giovanna, Gianelle, GFG and Koko Koture, which are all recognized as leaders of development and fashion in the world of wheels. The secret behind the success of WTW Corporation wheel design is that the company started out determined to improve on the best, to make wheels for the most discerning automobile buyers in the world; the buyers of high end and exotic automobiles, to make wheels that looked and performed better than the wheels provided by the perfecting manufacturers of these automobiles, to improve on the perfect. The first line of wheels from WTW, the Giovanna®, was introduced in 1997 and was received with enthusiasm by the select group of automobile lovers who buy the best and most expensive cars.

    The success of the Giovanna inspired WTW to introduce the Gianelle™ two years later, to be followed by the GFG™ brand, featuring forged modular wheels, and the Koko Koture® brand introducing novel design concepts, each equally well received by the market. WTW Corporation is constantly developing both the existing product lines and introducing new design features. The Giovanna wheels are now offered in two lines, Giovanna and Giovanna Forged. The GFG wheels also come in two lines, GFG and GFG Supreme and design concepts at the heart of one product line are finding their way into others, always offering new levels of luxury, novelty and elegance to the buyers of luxury and exotic automobiles.

    • GIOVANNA LINDOS-RL Matte Black with Machined Edge on Mercedes SL550
    • GIOVANNA ANDROS Custom Painted on BMW 5-Series
    • GIOVANNA SIENNA Black with Machined Face on Audi Q7
    • GIOVANNA DALAR-5 Black with Machined Stripe on BMW X6
    • GIOVANNA MECCA Silver with Machined Face and SS Lip on Bentley Continental
    • GIOVANNA VERONA Matte Black with SS Lip on Chevy Camaro
    • GIOVANNA KING-6 Black with Machined Face on Cadillac Escalade
    • GIOVANNA ANDROS Black with Machined Spokes on Mercedes G Class
    • GIOVANNA MECCA Silver with Machined Face and SS Lip on BMW 3-Series
    • GIOVANNA CALISIX Black with Machined Face and Lip on Cadillac Escalade
    • GIOVANNA LINDOS-RL Silver with Machined Edge on Mercedes GL Class
    • GIOVANNA LINDOS-RL Matte Black with Machined Edge on Mercedes SL550

    WTW Inc. stands behind its products 100%, and wants you to be happy with your purchase, which is why the company's wheels come with a one year limited warranty. Should you have problems with the WTW Inc. wheels, the company will, at its discretion, repair, refinish or replace them within one year of purchase. Each Giovanna wheel we sell is covered by the WTW Corp. warranty, which can be offered by authorized dealers only. However for the warranty to be applicable, the wheels must be mounted with the proper mounting equipment designed for aluminum wheels, in accordance with industry standard mounting and balancing procedures. Warranty can only be in effect provided that the wheel has been maintained in a proper manner. Another limitation is that the warranty is applicable to the original purchaser only, thus second party purchase of WTW Inc. products are not covered.

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