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    With an extensive array of one-piece cast aluminum alloy custom wheels, Borghini's family of wheel brands includes Velocity, Tyfun, Dcenti, Red Sport, Phino and U2. Velocity's line includes rims for trucks, SUVs, and passenger vehicles, in an assortment of sizes and finishes, including sizes for RWD cars and SUVs, from as small as 17" to 28". With these high-quality wheels, you will be able to drive many more miles delivering the unique style and great performance. Make your auto the one and only with Borghini.

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    The compelling design speaks for itself, but then so does quality. Combining traditional craftsmanship and the latest-generation technology, Borghini rims are an eye-catcher with their gleaming triple-chrome finish. While avant-garde style is the Borghini hallmark, their rims meet the strictest quality standards. Once you choose to roll into the future on Borghini Wheels, you can rest assured that this fast growing company will always be there for you.

    Rely on Borghini to achieve one of the most difficult technological feats in the custom wheel business. Chrome-plating aluminum is the pinnacle of the plater's art, at least if you want the chromium to remain shiny, resist flaking and cracking, and be consistent over all of the wheel surface. The utmost attention to surface prep is needed before a thin layer of copper is electroplated onto the polished aluminum. This is followed by a layer of nickel, and capped with a layer of rich, gleaming Chromium.

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