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    Headquartered in the heartland of aftermarket business, in California, 2 Crave is a company that never stops evolving and growing. Striving to satisfy requirements of the most discerning customers, 2 Crave markets several brands, including Xtreme, Black Diamond, Heavy Hitters, and Fiero. Each wheel line is specifically developed, engineered, and manufactured for customers, who are united by precious quality and maximum performance. Crafted from premium quality materials with the ultimate elegance in mind, the 2 Crave custom rims are manufactured to be craved for.

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    2 Crave wheels are the perfect example of a one-piece light alloy cast wheel. Amazing style is the first consideration at 2 Crave, and they use the best manufacturing techniques to build the large variety of styles that wear the brand. 2 Crave offers wheels for the passenger car market in 15", 16", 17", 18", 20" and 22" diameters and offers more styles for the truck and SUV market in 20", 22", 24" and 26" diameters.

    • 2 CRAVE® - No.16 Wheels on Cadillac Escalade
    • 2 CRAVE® - No.14 Gloss Black with Machined Face on Dodge Challenger
    • 2 CRAVE® - No.14 Gloss Black with Machined Face and Red Stripe on Chevy Camaro
    • 2 CRAVE® - No.17 Gloss Black with Machined Face on Mercedes SL Class
    • 2 CRAVE® - Wheels on Toyota Tundra
    • 2 CRAVE® - Wheels with Models
    • 2 CRAVE® - Wheels on Toyota Tundra
    • 2 CRAVE® - No.14 Gloss Black with Machined Face and Red Stripe on Chevy Camaro
    • 2 CRAVE® - Wheels on Scion FR-S
    • 2 CRAVE® - No.4 Chrome on Chevy Impala
    • 2 CRAVE® - No.19 Gloss Black with Machined Face on Mercedes S Class
    • 2 CRAVE® - No.18 Gloss Black on Dodge Magnum

    Unique and modernistic trendsetter, yet classic and elegant conservative with a touch of renaissance luxury, 2 Crave encompasses and praises beauties of everyday life and individuals within. 2 Crave's effortless style, seamless craftsmanship, and unsurpassed visual refinement bring values that only the finest can offer. State-of-the-art techniques and years of experience allow 2 Crave to create wheels that provide a stylish look and lasting service life.

    Score yourself a set of wheels by 2 Crave and impress your friends and even perfect strangers. Put your vehicle into a car show and bowl over the audience and the judges at the same time. You can order these custom wheels in exactly the fitment and the surface finishing you want, and in the fitment you need to give your custom build that show winning, perfect flush stance. Today 2 Crave keeps developing innovative products and technologies.

    With a strong commitment to satisfy the highest requirements of the most discerning customers, the company offers several brands known worldwide each with a wide range of wheels to choose from. Black Diamond wheels blend in without overpowering and accentuate their master to their delight while in motion or in standstill. Xtreme offers wheels that deliver the styles and performance to pace with few who life to feel the life through their flesh and bones. With a wide range of premium products by 2 Crave, you will easily find a wheel that takes your vehicle to new heights of style, quality, and durability. 2 Crave wheels are designed for drivers who value exceptional quality, superior durability, and maximum performance and don't want to compromise style.

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    Everything Came Ready To Go .
    2006 Ford Five Hundred
    | Posted by | (Shreveport, LA)

    We were very pleased with the hole experience. They arrived ready to go. All we had to do was put them on. They are just beautiful.

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