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    RBP is all about off-roading in style and comfort. These custom alloy wheels for your truck are made from aluminum alloy and then painted and polished and in some cases equipped with a stylin' plastic insert. Choose the perfect wheel for your truck from their family of 7- or 8-spoke wheels, in a variety of finishes and styles. They’re perfect either for cruisin' the street or jumping stumps in the back woods. Check with our other customers who have left comments about their RBP wheels.

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    You've lifted your truck well above the heads of all the traffic around you. Now lift its appearance and performance as well. Start rolling on a set of cast-aluminum one-piece wheels from RBP. RBP makes other off-roading accessories for big trucks, so they know the right combination of style, strength, and performance. Choose from several different styles of RBP Custom Wheels in 17", 18", 19" and 20" diameters and in widths from 7" to 10".

    RBP knows how to make a rugged wheel, casting them in a single massive piece from aircraft-grade aluminum alloy. Then the wheels are machined to exacting dimensions and painted with the best automotive paints possible. The level of detail is amazing. They've got both lucky 7-spoke and luckier 8-spoke designs.

    • RBP® - 95R Black with Machined Face and Lip on Chevy Silverado
    • RBP® - 97R Wheels on Toyota Tundra
    • RBP® - 97R Wheels on Car
    • RBP® - 85R VOLTAGE Satin Black with Machined Accents on Jeep Wrangler
    • RBP® - 95R Black with Machined Face and Lip on Chevy Silverado
    • RBP® - 97R Black with Machined Face on GMS Sierra
    • RBP® - 94R Chrome with Black Inserts on Ford F-250
    • RBP® - 97R Flat Black on Jeep Wrangler
    • RBP® - Street Series ANTIDOTE Gloss Black with Red Groove on Jeep Grand Cherokee
    • RBP® - 97R Wheels on Ford F-150
    • RBP® - 94R Wheels on Chevy Silverado
    • RBP® - 96R Wheels on Ford Raptor

    Pick these wheels for the ultimate combination of brutal good looks and last-man-standing performance. After lifting your truck for more ground clearance and just plain style, do yourself a favor and add a set of RBP wheels. These awesome wheels will let you climb that hill, ford that stream, or jump that gully - and look great doing it.

    RBP Wheels and Rims Reviews
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    2003 Ford F-350
    | Posted by | (Baxter, MN)

    The product looks great and CARiD did a great job packaging the rims and tire package, very impressive. The tires should have came with instructions. The only way to remove the center cap is remove 16 chrome plated allen screws ( I can see AAA assistance scratching their head), now the center piece comes off to access the lugs. The chrome inserts and center hub are plastic and a bit flimsy. Now to install on an F350 4x4: they should have sent a special socket, not only does it now require new coned face lug nuts, the hex size is smaller. It now will require a deep well socket and the six point impact socket will require greasing the outer surface or it will gall to the bore of the lug nut cavity. I realize they were running out of metal in the cast. The next thing is the center caps were wrong (not made for a 4x4 or a 350 rear axel. They are going to send new ones that are deeper. Now I have purchased new tools for the trucks tool kit and hope the new pieces don't take 5 weeks to arrive like the tires did.

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