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    Incubus Alloys wheels are the most in-your-face wheels styled today. This highly styled brand of wheels is available to fit a wide variety of vehicles, from tuner FWD cars, to the biggest RWD cars and SUVs and even pickup trucks. These custom rims are cast in one-piece from aircraft aluminum alloy by the best-practice method of making lightweight affordable aluminum wheels: pressure-die-casting. Choose a set of these wheels to upgrade your car. They'll make your car look superlative!

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    Bring out the style and sophistication of your vehicle while maintaining the highest performance standards. Die-cast from finest aircraft aluminum, they are the essence of lightness and strength. The single-piece cast design makes the best use of the strength of aluminum, allowing these wheels to have unparalleled lightness and roadability. Incubus wheels are manufactured using industry-standard techniques to ensure perfect fit, finish, and durability.

    They start by gently injecting aircraft-grade aluminum into the polished steel die at low pressure. This prevents air trapped in the molten aluminum from leaving flaws in the casting, which can leave porous areas to bleed air, and flaws to start cracks. This die-casting process leaves a wheel that needs very little extra material to be machined off, and gives a lightweight, strong wheel. Then the wheel is painted or chromed to exacting standards. This casting process allows the wheel designer more freedom to sculpt the aluminum than forging or simply CNC-machining the wheel from a solid billet.

    Front wheel drive and rear wheel-drive Incubus wheels are available in 15" to 24" in diameter and are available in chrome, painted and machined finishes. They come in an almost dizzying assortment of widths, offsets, and bolt patters to fit most cars and trucks. Look through the assortment and see what fits your car! You'll like what you find here at CARiD. Your car will look great, and you'll look great driving it.

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    1996 Dodge Ram
    | Posted by | (York, PA)

    You think they look good at the pictures? When you see them in person they will rock your socks off! Amazing quality and sooo sexy!

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