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    The look of a car greatly depends on the wheels it rolls on. Knowing that, Savini crafted a vast variety of creative and unique designs that will capture your imagination and take your breath away. Savini wheels are not only one of the most innovative wheels on the market but also the most coveted ones. Custom rims by Savini are admired all over the globe, and our clients have joined the army of devoted fans too. Multiple reviews prove that these custom wheels are deeply appreciated for their flawless performance and exceptional styling.

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    Savini constructs its rims using advanced manufacturing methods and techniques. The majority of wheels are forged and only the Black di Forza series rims are cast. After a Savini wheel is given its artistic design, it is then computerized for measurements and bolt patterns. Once the measurements are calibrated, the wheel is ready to be manufactured. The wheels are either carefully forged or meticulously cast. They are then heat-treated and processed until the quality 100% meets the most rigorous quality standards set in the industry. Due to the dense structure, forged wheels are lighter than the cast ones, however as casting is a more flexible manufacturing method, it allows for unlimited creative freedom.

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    Whatever design you want and whatever construction or manufacturing method you prefer, you can find it in the wide variety of options offered by Savini. You are welcome to choose from three distinctive wheel lines, created exclusively for luxury sedans, coupes and SUVs: Savini Forged, Savini Balck Di Forza, and Savini Mono Series. The Savini Forged wheels feature a three-piece forged construction and are available in the Signature, XLT, and XC styles. The Signature rims are cut using a 3DT technique, which helps create the sharpest and the most aggressive angles ever. The XLT wheels are named after the applied Xtreme Lip Technology. It allows for 2'' of additional lip, and all that without a convex face. Last but not least, the XC (Xtreme Concave) wheels combine style and versatility, providing a 4.5-inch drop center profile. The cutting-edge deep concave profile is the latest trend in the wheel fashion and it's recognized as the most aggressive fitment.

    The Savini Black di Forza line of cast rims is the latest addition to Savini's XLT Series, and it comes in the BS and BM styles. The BS Series is a line of multi-piece wheels, while the BM series rims boast a one-piece construction. All Black di Forza rims are offered with an extended lip and available in a wide variety of standard and custom finishes and fitment options. So, whether you're a European car enthusiast, who is fond of machined black wheels, or a modern muscle car fan, who drools over chrome rims, you will find the design and finish that suit your style and taste. Another wheel line created by Savini is the Mono di Forza Series. First introduced in 2010, it was designed especially for the wisest street and track fans. These one-piece custom rims are forged from the 6061-T6 aluminum and CNC machined to the exact specifications of each vehicle. This brand is a unique combination of dependability and exceptional style.

    • SAVINI® - SV-57 Custom Painted on Chevy Camaro
    • SAVINI® - SV-32 Carbon Fiber on Land Rover Range Rover
    • SAVINI® - SV-37 Custom Painted on Fisker Karma
    • SAVINI® - SV-29 Custom Painted on Lamborghini Murcielago
    • SAVINI® - SM-2 Custom Painted on Ferrari F430
    • SAVINI® - SV-1 Chrome on Ford Mustang
    • SAVINI® - SV-28 Custom Painted on Chevy Camaro
    • SAVINI® - SV-39 Matte Black on Ford Mustang
    • SAVINI® - SV-25 Custom Painted on Ferrari California
    • SAVINI® - SV-29 Custom Painted
    • SAVINI® - SV-28 Custom Painted on Nissan GT-R
    • SAVINI® - SV-51 Custom Painted on Nissan GT-R

    Savini is driven by the passion to offer innovative wheels that deliver top-of-the-line performance. These custom rims are made of aerospace-grade aluminum alloy, and it is one of the reasons why Savini is recognized as a manufacturer that creates the most durable wheels on the market. All Savini wheels are backed by a solid one-year warranty against peeling, flaking, blistering and any other defects in material workmanship. What also makes Savini wheels that much special is the size diversity. These wheels come in sizes ranging from 18 inches to 28 inches, so no matter what car you own, Savini has a set that will meet your needs to perfection.

    Luxurious yet exotic is the look offered by Savini. These are the rims that are recognized for their elegant detail as well as sparkling finish. Savini is more than just another line of wheels. The Savini's selection is brimming with aggressive yet clean designs that fit right in with just about any vehicle's image. Plus, a cascade of finishes is ripe for picking as well, including high-tech machined, intriguing black, and shimmering chrome. These custom wheels deliver the unbridled toughness the drivers need and the suave lightweight feel that makes it all worth it.

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    Savini 37C wheels
    2011 Maserati GranTurismo
    | Posted by | (Plano, TX)

    I have great things to say about the wheels. The are made to exacting standards and reflect that. My car only gets more attention because of them.

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