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    Since 1999 Pinnacle Wheels has been delivering high-quality wheels to the automotive aftermarket. Pinnacle Wheels growth has taken place in tandem with Tristar Global Inc., and over the years, that growth has certainly been spectacular in its own right. Back then there were fewer aftermarket wheel manufacturers, but it still was an uphill battle for the brand to distinguish itself. Fortunately, Pinnacle Wheels had an ace up its sleeve in the form of the fabrication method that the brand used to manufacture its wheels.

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    Back when Pinnacle Wheels first started to manufacture aftermarket wheels in 1999, gravity casting was the most common method of manufacturing alloy wheels because it had the lowest production cost. However, despite low pressure casting having higher production costs, it also created denser wheels that had better mechanical properties. Pinnacle wheels were lighter and yet stronger at the same time, which true enthusiasts appreciated immensely.

    Although Pinnacle Wheels may be much older than many of the new brands that are inundating the aftermarket wheel industry, it has constantly been innovating its manufacturing processes and products. In more recent years, considering low pressure casting is much more commonplace, Pinnacle Wheels made the decision to start introducing wheels made from one-piece forged aluminum – in line with its aim of producing the finest aluminum wheels available. With wheels that are lighter, stronger, and perform better, Pinnacle Wheels seems set to compete with the leaders.

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    2005 Volvo S40
    | Posted by | (Carlisle, IA)

    They are nice. They don't shine but they do make my car ride and handle better. A real Adult look no bling, thank you.

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