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    KMC wheels are a part of a large family of wheel brands under the umbrella of Wheel Pros. Sister brands include XD Series, American Racing, Motegi Racing, Moto Metal, ATX Series and Lorenzo. Coming with that pedigree, you can bet these one-piece cast custom wheels are the best in the industry. These stunningly-turned-out custom alloy wheels are perfect for heavily modified vehicles that can accommodate a very large rim and tire combo. KMC offers a wide variety of styles, so you'll easily find a wheel that takes your vehicle to new heights of appearance, luxury and style.

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    Engineered for the rigors and style of the street, these exclusive wheels will grace your ride with a new sense of elegance and panache. With so many styles to choose from, these KMC wheels will deliver a unique look that complements your custom vehicle. With sizes ranging from 16" to 26" in diameter and in widths from 7.5" to 10", people will really see you coming when you're driving around in a vehicle with premium KMC wheels.

    • KMC® - D2 Chrome on Cadillac SRX
    • KMC® - ENDURO BEAD LOCK Machined on Chevy Silverado
    • KMC® - DISTRICT Satin Black with Machined Face on Ford Mustang
    • KMC® - NOVA Gloss Black with Machined Face on Ford Mustang
    • KMC® - SLIDE Gloss Black on Dodge Ram
    • KMC® - NERVE Gloss Black with Machined Face on Chevy Suburban
    • KMC® - ROCKSTAR CAR Matte Black on Ford Escape
    • KMC® - DISTRICT Satin Black with Machined Face on Cadillac CTS
    • KMC® - DISTRICT Satin Black on Ford Mustang
    • KMC® - DISTRICT Satin Black with Machined Face on Ford Mustang
    • KMC® - D2 Chrome on Cadillac Escalade
    • KMC® - D2 Gloss Black on GMC Yukon Denali

    These wheels are cast on state-of-the art equipment in a cutting-edge foundry, and then machined on more advanced computer controlled equipment to bring the raw casting to their final shape. Then they're painted with the finest automotive grade paints, or chromed to show quality. Rest assured that KMC wheels are the highest quality in the industry. Choose one of the wheels in the array, and they'll be the perfect foil for your custom vehicle.

    KMC is the right brand for all those who seek premium excellence. Our customers say that custom wheels by KMC have it all: exceptional quality, neck-breaking design, breathtaking finish, premium materials, and everlasting durability. KMC wheels are a thick line that separates your four-wheel friend from the faceless crowd of clones. This brand knows no equals when it comes to providing luxurious looks and outstanding quality.

    KMC is more a lifestyle than a wheel company. Where action meets style. KMC wheels are like no other. For more than 30 years, KMC has produced quality, cutting-edge designs for lifted, leveled and stock trucks and SUVs. KMC spend all their efforts developing not only the finest styles but also the highest quality wheels and load ratings for the worldwide market. Famous styles such as the Rockstar and the Monster have put KMC on the map worldwide. The company never stops creating astonishing designs that make a sensation on every car event or just on the street. KMC has continued the range of styles, fitments, offsets and sizes to become the best variety wheel range available. Make KMC your choice of wheels today!

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    2011 Volkswagen Jetta
    | Posted by | (Watauga, TX)

    The wheels seam to be a good quality. Arrived quickly and had no defects that I saw. The only thing I would can get is to make the center cover metal instead of plastic.

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