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    XO Luxury Wheels is a division of Good Roads Auto Systems, a family-owned and -operated company founded in 1982 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. This exclusive luxury brand is catered towards the most sophisticated consumer, backed by a long heritage of experience with trend-oriented designs and an eye for innovation. The professionals at XO are committed to making the brand's Luxury Collection the most sought-after wheels on the market. XO wheels are designed in the United States of America and are products of vigorous research and development to ensure premium quality in design, style and craftsmanship.

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    The XO brand comes in 20" and 22" vehicle-specific staggered fitments with multiple concaved wheel designs that fit vehicle offset ranges from +15 all the way up to +55. Unique to XO is the ability to offer a variety of wheels with replaceable stainless steel lips that come in four different finishes or can be custom painted. The culmination of power and reliability, XO luxury wheels are surely the Wow-factor your vehicle is craving for.

    In this day and age, more and more drivers choose to personalize their vehicle by means of aftermarket wheels. And no wonder why. This simple change can make an unbelievably huge impact on a car's visual appeal, and these rims just flat out look stunning. In 2013, XO presented an exclusive Wheel Collection featuring: Rome, Berlin, Paris, Milan, New York, Munich, Rio, Tokyo and Miami wheels that will add an extra doze of style to your vehicle.

    • XO® - MIAMI Gloss Black on Mercedes S550
    • XO® - ST. THOMAS on Porsche Panamera
    • XO® - ST. THOMAS on Mercedes
    • XO® - MUNICH on Mercedes CL Class
    • XO® - PARIS Matte Black with Brushed Face on Chevy Camaro SS
    • XO® - MILAN on Mercedes G Class
    • XO® - MIAMI Matte Silver with Brushed Face on Chevy Camaro
    • XO® - MILAN on Mercedes G Class
    • XO® - ST. THOMAS on Cars
    • XO® - ST. THOMAS on Mercedes
    • XO® - NEW YORK Matte Silver with Brushed Face on Dodge Challenger

    Every spoke and every curve of XO rims was designed and engineered with utmost care to ensure you get the next level in driving experience. Another benefit you get from these wheels is their premium quality. It is reached thanks to the complex manufacturing process that involves advanced methods based on extensive research. Design, materials, finish – this brand's rims are flawless in every way, and that is exactly the quality you deserve.

    Designed to turn heads and engineered to boost your driving experience, these custom wheels are one of the easiest ways to transform any daily driver into a luxurious beast that hits the roads. XO luxury wheels are manufactured in a well-equipped facility utilizing state-of-the-art equipment. On the initial design phase, the wheel is sketched on paper, making many changes as the basic concept is created. Once the concept is on paper, the next step is to transfer that concept from paper into the computer by creating a 3-D model. The 3-D model is run through many rigorous testing programs before the file is sent to a CNC machine where the concept is cut into reality. Computer numerical control ensures that each wheel is precisely manufactured and fits perfectly.

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    2010 Maserati GranTurismo
    | Posted by | (Sutherlin, VA)

    I got these rims for a very good price! They fit perfect on my car! I was very happy! I was really anxious to get them! I really recommend this rims. they are stylish and when I got them they where without a scratch! very pleased with the shipping and handling!

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