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    With the considerable effort that Klutch channels into marketing its brand via auto shows and meets, their wheels have become increasingly popular. The 'Precious Metals' (as they call their wheels) that they manufacture may not be available in many styles just yet, but each and every design that is featured definitely brings something special to the table and has a certain appeal to it. Most of these designs have a sophisticated feel, but at the same time couple that with a trendiness that isn't easy to define.

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    From these beginnings, Klutch began to make a name for itself as a brand and it wasn't long before it launched a line of clothing and then finally progressed into the Klutch brand wheels that it manufactures today. Due to their experience in the industry and their goal to provide top notch wheels, Russel Taylor decided not only to produce their own wheels but also offer wheels by other wheel companies under their Klutch Motorsports Department.

    Since then, Klutch hasn't looked back at all. Make no mistake, the brand still operates its highly popular blog as well as its line of clothing and apparel, but its wheels have slowly but surely gained more and more prominence. In line with this expansion and as part of their effort to be more all-encompassing, they introduced a 'LugsPlus' department that focuses on providing hardware as well as other wheel-related accessories that their customers may need such as hub centering rings, spacers, and so on.

    • KLUTCH® - KM20 Silver with Machined Face on Lexus IS350
    • KLUTCH® - SL1 Matte Blue with Machined Lip on Acura Integra
    • KLUTCH® - SL5 Silver with Chrome Lip on Honda S2000
    • KLUTCH® - SL1 Gloss Black with Bronze Face on Acura Integra
    • KLUTCH® - SL1 Gloss Black with Bronze Face on Honda Civic
    • KLUTCH® - SL14 Silver with Machined Lip on Volkswagen GTI
    • KLUTCH® - SL1 Silver with Machined Center and Lip
    • KLUTCH® - SL14 Silver with Machined Lip
    • KLUTCH® - SLC1 Silver with Machined Center and Lip on Audi S4
    • KLUTCH® - KM20 Silver with Machined Face on Lexus IS
    • KLUTCH® - KM20 Silver with Machined Face
    • KLUTCH® - SL1 Gloss Red on Honda Civic

    Granted Klutch is still a modest outfit that isn't particularly large but on the heels of its success in manufacturing wheels, it stands to reason that it won't stay that way for long. Enthusiasts are already gravitating towards it and the wheels that it provides, with their desire fueled by the exclusivity, quality, and sheer good looks of the designs themselves. Suffice to say, Klutch is poised for great things in the future, and if it continues to stay true to the high expectations that it places upon itself, then it will undoubtedly grow to become a brand to be reckoned with in the near future.

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    I bought the SL1 Gold with machined face and I am very pleased with the fit and finish. The wheels really finish my ride off nicely. And the price is awesome!

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