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    Founded more than ten years ago and with our main office now in Los Angeles, Scarlet Wheels now offers wheel styles for most performance, luxury vehicles and sport truck applications. Unlike most brands that tend to specialize in manufacturing aftermarket wheels for either luxury cars or trucks, Scarlet Luxury Wheels has always adopted a more all-encompassing stance and even caters to SUVs to a certain degree. All Scarlet wheels now incorporate a band of scarlet within the interior of the wheel itself.

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    The Scarlet Red Soul Edition is comprised of wheel designs that are meant for luxury and performance cars while the Scarlet Cruiser Edition is intended for luxury trucks as well as SUVs. Due to the different applications of both of these lines, the sizes that are available tend to differ between them and by separating two lines, Scarlet Luxury Wheels hopes that potential customers will be able to find the wheels that they require more easily than in the past.

    Scarlet Luxury Wheels still retains its commitment to providing excellent quality wheels. So far, the brand's efforts in introducing itself into the luxury aftermarket wheel industry seems to be bearing fruit. I's hard to predict how the brand will do in the long term, especially considering the fickle nature of the market itself, but for the time being, it's growing and expanding at an impressive rate. Already Scarlet Luxury Wheels has new and innovative styles waiting to be released, which may further tilt the scales in favor of the brand.

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    1992 Dodge Stealth
    | Posted by | (Fort Wayne, IN)

    The product looked exactly as described.

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