Estrella wheels are Rennen International's line of luxury one-piece cast, chrome and black wheels. They share company DNA and warehouse space with Rennen's other brands including Donz, Rennen, Zen, Onyx, and Rodtana. Estrella's long suit is elegance and luxury, if not exactly subtlety. These awesome wheels rely on sophisticated styling and show-quality chrome or paint, counterpointed by gleaming machined aluminum to achieve their stunning presence. Check the comments from our satisfied customers!

    Estrella wheels are cast in a single massive piece from the wheel industry's favorite material, aircraft-grade aluminum. Utilizing state-of-the-art low-pressure die-casting insures a finished wheel that requires a minimum amount of machining to achieve its final net shape, assuring that the wheel is straight and true and will require little, if any, weight to balance properly. Good technique while casting delivers a wheel that is devoid of porosities or surface flaws.

    Estrella Wheels Configurator

    Seriously, upgrade your ride with some Estrella wheels. You have this amazing car that you're investing money in, improving its look and functions. Adding a set of custom wheels is the single thing that will affect how it looks and performs more than anything else.