Rodtana wheels for your modern musclecar. These stunning wheels are perfect for your high-performance car, and will dramatically change its appearance. Unusually, similar styles of wheel are available in one-piece cast, one-piece forged and multi-piece forged designs. And that includes all three wheel-fabricating technologies available to Rennen. Rodtana wheels come from the same design and manufacturing lineage as Rennen's other brands including Donz, Rennen, Zen and Onyx.

    In sizes that will fit under stock wheel wells with unmodified springs and still clear brake calipers and suspension parts, these great-looking wheels are designed to preserve and enhance the stunning performance of your muscle car. Which is, of course, why you bought it, right?

    Rodtana Wheels Configurator

    Most cars with alloy wheels use pressure-die-casting, a moderate-cost option for building wheels, and one that most OEM wheels use. But some wheel manufacturers find it worthwhile to make the considerable investment into forging, which requires a huge multi-ton press, and expensive steel dies, one for each individual size of rim. This produces a somewhat lighter and stronger wheel, but at considerable expense a tough decision for a manufacturer to make when styles in the aftermarket wheel industry are so volatile. Others take the forging technology to the next level by making two or three forgings - a center piece, a barrel or two barrel halves, and bolting the whole assembly with aerospace-grade fasteners. This modular approach means they can assemble an assortment of sizes, offsets and styles with fewer expensive dies by mixing and matching. Rodtana is one of the few wheel collections to feature all three technologies in their catalog.