Black wheels are always in style. Well, so are chrome wheels. In addition, Onyx wheels are a delightful option when you're looking for custom wheel in black or chrome. Finished with exquisite care, they are available in bolt circles, sizes and offsets to fit most vehicles. They’re born from the same DNA as Rennen's other brands including Donz, Rennen, and Rodtana. Onyx wheels are universally cast from high-grade aluminum. Onyx Wheels crafted a vast variety of cutting-edge and eye-catching wheels.

    No other process can make a one-piece aluminum alloy wheel than the way that Onyx wheels are fabricated. OEM wheels are almost universally made this way: pressure-die-casting. Molten aircraft-grade aluminum is introduced into the bottom of the mold by pressurizing the crucible with compressed air, forcing the clean middle of the melt up thorough a standpipe into the mold. This assures a wheel blank that’s free of inclusions, porosities, and surface defects.

    Onyx Wheels Configurator

    Then Onyx applies their art to the finishing process. Applying chrome to aluminum is supremely difficult if the chrome is to last without cracking or peeling. It requires absolute cleanliness, and rapt attention to the cleanliness of the wheel and temperatures in the plating solutions. First, copper is plated onto the aluminum to provide adhesion, as well as to further smooth out the already polished surface. Then the copper is plated with nickel, followed by the chrome. Not into chrome? It’s amazing how good these wheels are done up in black with machined accents. It’s a different, more sinister look, for sure.

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    Onyx 907 Wheels.
    2006 Lexus GX
    | Posted by | (Crandall, GA)

    The wheels are really beautiful, no complaints there. However, the very thing that really attracted me to the wheels, the manufacturing process that was supposed to make them need almost no balancing; was just the opposite. The wheels are designed for a static balance, weights on one side, (inside), but with a static balance my rear seats were shaking from 55-80 mph. I had them rebalanced twice with the static balance, and it never went away. Only when I consented to have the weights put on the outside of the wheel, (where they can be seen), did the vibration go away.

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    The choice was easy.
    | Posted by | (Apo, AE)

    I contacted CarID.com when I was ready to buy a set of rims. They helped me sort through hundreds of wheels to find the right one. I bought a set of Onyx 907 22" rims for my 2006 Chevy Colorado. I went with Onyx because their style is the same as the high dollar billet and three piece rims but at the more reasonable price we can afford. I don't hold back when I buy mods for my show winning truck but why would I pay $4000.00 for a set of billet rims when I can get the same quality for half the price! Plus, Most companies like Giovanna and Lexani only sell popular offsets and lug configurations but Onyx was there to provide a 22" rim with the 6X5.5 lug pattern and width/offset that is needed on a Colorado when the others fell short. I am extremely pleased with the look and build of the wheels. Do yourself a favor and stop looking at those Blingtastic overpriced dubs and get a set of ONYX wheels that will give you the edge over the norm.

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