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    Design Infini is an importer of alloy wheels. They distribute through American Tire Distributors, a national chain of tire, wheel and accessory wholesalers based in Huntersville, NC; ATD has over a hundred warehouses nationwide. They sell several brands, including: TIS, Dropstars, Motiv, Gear Alloy, Drifz, Cruiser Alloy, Pacer, ICW Racing, Ultra, Worx, Focal and Platinum. But, we’re here to see the wheels, and our devoted customers who have some of these great wheels have given us feedback about them.

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    Custom rims from ATD are poised to change the look and feel of your vehicle. They are manufactured in state-of-the-art facilities with the utmost attention to detail. ATD leads the pack when it comes to both the quality and look of custom rims. Designed to be stronger and lighter than its competitors, ATD wheels feature a factory-perfect fit, which goes along with the luxuriously accented style that really makes the difference.

    Regardless of the type of car you're driving, you are sure to find a matching set of wheels in the lineup. Using advanced manufacturing techniques and the best, industry-standard materials, ATD's brands create wheels that can help you take your vehicle to the very next level. Whether for performance or aesthetics, these rims satisfy tastes and requirements of the most discerning drivers. Offered in a number of finish options, including chrome and powdercoat, ATD wheels have something to offer for everyone.

    As a brand, ICW Racing has had more than its slice of fame especially considering the fact that it has even been featured in movies such as ‘Fast and the Furious’ as well as the sequel ‘2 Fast 2 Furious!’ With such widespread exposure, it should be obvious that this wheel manufacturer is doing well for itself and more importantly the fact that it appeared in such movies in the first place is a nod to the strength and quality of the brand.

    With the help of their state of the art manufacturing facilities, ICW Racing is able to manufacture wheels that are of the highest quality. Each and every one of their wheels is manufactured using low-pressure die casting that prevents air from being trapped in the aluminum alloy as it cools. At the end of the day, this results in a wheel that is stronger, more durable, and completely flawless from a quality standpoint. Such a wheel will not only have a much longer lifespan, but it will also be able to cope with rough terrain, pot-holes, and other conditions much more easily.

    ICW Racing Wheels and Rims Reviews
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    2014 Kia Forte
    | Posted by | (Estill, SC)

    We were looking for a nice sporty replacement for the standard hubcaps on my dad's new Kia Forte. My father is very laid back and don't like flashy things but didn't want to keep the hubcaps on such a sporty ride. I found three different rims on this site with this set being my favorite and showed them to my dad and of course he chose these as well. I attempted to place the order online but want sure as it only guaranteed to fit a 2014 Kia Forte and not the 2015. So i called customer service and got Alex he was awesome assured me that they would indeed fit and I placed my order. Considering the holiday season, the shipping was fast. The rims arrived undamaged and were installed with no problem. My father is excited!

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