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    There are no other rims like Helo custom wheels if you're looking for modern, distinctive, and compelling appearance that will leave nobody cold. Many drivers around the globe are tempted by Helo rims various styles with each adding a personality in a way that no other accessory can. Whether going for classy and elegant style with three-spoke wheels or industrial style with wheels featuring outer edges and rivet-type bolts all around the circle, the radical change of your car's look is guaranteed. Popular Helo styles include the Helo Spec, Helo Euro, Helo Slide, Helo Renegade, and Helo Pinch.

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    Crafted by one of the most experienced cast wheel manufacturers, who makes the most out of the casting process, these rims are designed to minimize the risk of lip cracking or folding. Today, Helo is a part of the Wheel Pros family, which unites 6 brands such as Diamo, Moto-Metal, Motegi, KMC, Lorenzo, and XD Series. The company's commitment to producing the highest quality rims, makes Helo wheels the high demand products among passionate drivers.

    • HELO® - HE879 Gloss Black with Milled Accents on Hummer H2
    • HELO® - HE879 Gloss Black with Milled Accents on Hummer H2
    • HELO® - HE875 Chrome with Gloss White Inserts on Jeep Wrangler
    • HELO® - HE827 Chrome on Nissan Cube
    • HELO® - HE791 8 SPOKES Gloss Black with Machined Bezel on Toyota FJ Cruiser
    • HELO® - HE875 Chrome with Gloss Black Inserts on Dodge Ram
    • HELO® - HE835 Gloss Black with Machined Face on Dodge Ram
    • HELO® - HE866 Gloss Black with Chrome Inserts on Chevy Silverado
    • HELO® - HE878 Satin Black on Jeep Wrangler
    • HELO® - HE791 8 SPOKES Chrome on Dodge Ram
    • HELO® - HE835 Chrome on Hummer H2
    • HELO® - HE866 Gloss Black with Red Inserts on Chevy SSR

    There's no surprise that Helo custom wheels are noticed on numerous stylish vehicles on the road today since these wheels give them a touch of class. While Helo Chrome rims deliver that elegance, you can achieve a street look with gloss black accent options. You are offered the largest selection of finishes and sizes, including wheels ranging from 15" to 26'' in diameter. Now there's no reason why not to crave for uniqueness.

    With years of experience, Helo develops, designs and manufactures the most alluring and strong custom wheels ever. The company provides dozens of innovative designs and finishes, and we've gathered all of them under one roof. Whether you need a captivating chrome wheel, charming black rim or anything in between, we have all the options. Helo offers a great number of sizes and styles that satisfy even the most discerning aficionados.

    Today many drivers worldwide trust Helo wheels for their performance, reliable, and lasting products. With a wide selection of sizes ranging from 15 inch to 22 inches, the company has something for anyone and keeps winning more and more fans. Led by a strong commitment to product excellence, Helo works hard to create stylish and unique wheels that match just about any vehicle and leaves no rock unturned in their drive to bring you the latest in design and function. Designed for those who strive for perfection, wheels by Helo will unveil the true nature of your vehicle and show your status, drawing a heavy line between you and the rest of the car owners. No other manufacturer can compete with Helo, whether we are talking about style, fit, durability, or quality.

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    2014 Ford Edge
    | Posted by | (Garden City, NY)

    Seems to be well built and looks great. Only problems are you have to take off many screws to remove each tire after the rim is in place, you can't tell from these pics that the spokes actually look like spiders and are curved inwards, and the inserts are plastic. You won't get exactly what you expect, but they are good nonetheless at a fairly decent price.

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