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    Over a decade ago, GFG cornered the market with the unique collection of exquisite modular wheels. Together with such industry giants as Giovanna, Koko Kuture and Gianelle, GFG is a member of a huge WTW Corp. family. Offering innovative design concepts, the brand became a sensation at once and found thousands of admirers. High quality materials and manufacturing processes are brought together under the watchful eye of engineers to produce the finest quality of road wheels available.

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    GFG made huge waves in the world of aftermarket rims, when they introduced their first ever series of custom wheels. The brand has its roots in racing wheel design, where the modular build was used to get the optimum fitment tires for the character of each racing track and car. The same technology is used for the GFG wheels, which enables the customer to choose the width that gives a perfect stance to the vehicle. The products were enthusiastically received by the customers, inspiring WTW Corporation, the owner of the brand, to expand the product line and introduce another series. Design elements from other WTW brands are incorporated in the GFG chrome and black wheels, making them the best-looking and most up-to-date performance rims available at the moment. GFG forged Wheels is a Forged 3-Piece Modular Wheel line, aimed at high-line domestic, imports, and exotic cars, trucks and SUVs as well as classic muscle cars and roadsters. This hand assembled wheel line allows custom fitments for many of todays exotic, luxury, and specialty vehicles with an endless portfolio of designs and applications.

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    The GFG Forged Three Piece Modular wheels are the most customizable products available in the market. The modular build makes it possible for the customers to have their set made to exact measurements, giving their vehicle the precise stance they want. As each wheel is custom-made, the customer should expect a somewhat longer delivery time than for the Supremo series, which are of equally exclusive style, but are less customizable. The 2-Piece cast Supremo wheels are unique in featuring both a deep concave center and a deep lip, with 5- to 6-inch lips available. These rims are made for both high-end luxury automobiles and exotic sportscars. They are pre-produced and sold off the shelf.

    The combination of cutting edge engineering and futuristic design, combined with the endless possibilities for customization the color schemes, make these rims the preferred choice for the discriminating buyers of exotic cars. The brand's performance wheels are made for the luxurious Ferraris, Lamborghinis, and Aston Martins, for the high-end Porsches and Jaguars, for the drivers who are not satisfied with the best, who want to improve the perfect, who want to drive the best performing and best looking car that money can buy. GFG offers the most popular sizes, including 19", 20", and 22" wheels, but at the same time the company has special offerings for the aficionados of bigger sizes 24" and 26" GFG rims. They all are offered in myriads of finish options as chrome and black wheels are just a part of the huge selection available. Only the most discerning of car enthusiasts qualify for buying GFG products and choosing the best style and color scheme for their exotic car. And the advanced color customizing technology available to the buyers, and there is no brand that comes even close to the possibilities offered by GFG.

    • GFG® - MONARCH Custom Painted on Lamborghini Aventador
    • GFG® - PACIFIC Custom Painted on Lamborghini Aventador
    • GFG® - D-2 Black with SS Lip on Land Rover Range Rover Sport
    • GFG® - MONARCH Custom Painted on Lamborghini Aventador Roadster
    • GFG® - ATLANTIC Black on Aston Martin Rapide
    • GFG® - SPIELLO 6 Custom Painted on BMW 6-Series
    • GFG® - MONARCH Black on Mercedes SLS AMG
    • GFG® - SUNSET Custom Painted on Ferrari 458 Italia
    • GFG® - MONARCH Custom Painted on Mercedes SLS AMG
    • GFG® - G-2 Black wirh SS Lip on Maserati GranTurismo
    • GFG® - G-2 Black wirh SS Lip on Maserati GranTurismo
    • GFG® - AVENTA Custom Painted on Lamborghini Aventador

    GFG is just another impeccable brand of the WTW Inc. family. Each time WTW Inc. creates a new design, it reinvents the wheel which is by no means an easy task. You have to go that extra mile to create a paramount product that features an immortal design. Year by year, WTW delivers new products that blend together the latest innovations and the most creative designs. The secret behind the company's success lies in their philosophy that has proven itself over years. WTW Inc. is determined to improve on the best, to make aftermarket rims for the most discerning aficionados. They want to set trends, not follow in other people's footsteps. WTW manufactures custom rims that bring the joy to all those who are fortunate enough to see them. And GFG is no exception. This collection of top-quality forged wheels was created to satisfy needs of those who know that enough is never enough. Offering the optimum balance between performance and looks, GFG wheels are truly unique modifications.

    Despite WTW Inc. aims to deliver products of unparalleled quality, there is nothing perfect, and at the same time, there is always some room for improvement. In case you find any imperfections in the wheels offered by one of the WTW brands, be it material or craftsmanship, the company will, at its discretion, repair, refinish or replace your rims within one year of purchase. There are surely some limitations here. Thus for the warranty to be applicable, the rims are to be mounted using proper equipment, and in accordance with all the mounting and balancing procedures. And keep in mind that the warranty is applicable to the original purchaser only, and thus the second party purchase of WTW Inc. products is not covered.

    GFG wheels are definitely a perfect embodiment of the creative power of the WTW designers. They feature an alluring yet confident design that can elevate the look of any vehicle, and at the same time, positively affect its handling. Each curve of a GFG rim is a crucial note that is a part of a refined melody. All the wheels are offered in myriads of finish options, including dazzling chrome, mesmerizing black, as well as unmatched custom finishes. Crafted to make great vehicles even greater, GFG rims are produced from stellar materials by the most skillful experts of the company. All that insures that the wheels you get comply with the most rigorous standards set in the industry and deliver the quality you can rely on. GFG is ready to transform your vehicle into a bespoke creation, and at CARiD, we are ready to help you choose the perfect set of GFG wheels.

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    I like GFG Drama wheels. My Range Rover Sport looks great with 22's. Thanks CARiD for great service. Delivery was fast. Price is affordable. Recommend CARiD.

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