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    The correct wheel offset is critical not only to ensure clearing brake calipers and suspension parts, but to retain BMW’s vaunted handling intact; changing the offset by as much as a few millimeters in or out can dramatically change things like steering feedback and cornering ability. If you prefer to retain your original BMW center caps, they will fit your new wheels perfectly. So will your tire pressure monitoring system senders. Beyern wheels are precisely designed and manufactured for fit as the original ones. Made from premium materials, they also guarantee lasting service.

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    To give a vibration-free ride, a wheel has to be hubcentric. Most aftermarket wheels that are made to fit a wide range of vehicles are held on center by the wheel bolts. For most people this is good enough but not for BMW, which centers the wheel on the hub with before the bolts are installed. Similarly, All Bayern rims are either made to fit perfectly on the hub of a specific vehicle or come with a special metal hub ring that ensures a perfectly hubcentric fit.

    • BEYERN® - RAPP Gloss Black with Mirror Machined Cut Lip on BMW 323i
    • BEYERN® - BAVARIA Silver Wheels
    • BEYERN® - SPARTAN Hyper Silver on BMW 135i
    • BEYERN® - SPARTAN Chrome on BMW
    • BEYERN® - 5 Silver Wheels
    • BEYERN® - 5 Chrome on Car
    • BEYERN® - SPARTAN Hyper Silver
    • BEYERN® - SPARTAN Matte Black on Chevy Camaro
    • BEYERN® - MESH Silver with Mirror Machined Cut Lip on BMW M5
    • BEYERN® - SPARTAN Hyper Silver
    • BEYERN® - BAVARIA Silver on BMW M3
    • BEYERN® - BAROQUE Silver with Machined Face and SS Lip on BMW M3

    Bayern offsets are always correct for each application. Bayern also gives you a choice of staggered fitments that always permits the desired combination of rim widths for front and back, giving you the traction difference you aim for between front and back to control acceleration traction and the under/oversteer balance. Bayern’s attention to detail is not limited to performance details. It is also evident in design and the manufacturing.

    To meet various customers’ requirements, Bayern offers several different wheel technologies within the brand. The Baroque and Henne lines are a 3-piece wheel with a conventionally-cast center section. This construction uses a fully rotary-forged barrel for the ultimate in strength in lightness, and a huge assortment of sizes and offsets. Bayern wheels fit the BMW 7 Series, 6 Series, 5 Series, 3 Series, X3 and X5 Series, Z3 and Z4 Series.

    The Mesh and Multi line are a conventional cast wheel, the same technology used to build most OEM wheels. Bavaria wheels start with a full-cast wheel which is then subjected to a rotary-forging process, the wheel is spun on a large fixture, and tremendous pressure is applied to rollers in contact with the lip. This compresses, pre-stresses and strengthens the metal, giving a resultant wheel of unprecedented strength and lightness. This lightness is concentrated in the outer rim of the wheel, providing a wheel of extremely small rotational momentum. Reducing a wheel’s rotational momentum is important; because it not only helps with suspension compliance, but also significantly improves both acceleration and braking for excellent driving performance.

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    They are amazing. They made my car look totally different. Great grip, beauty, and exceptional stability on the road. I'm really happy with the purchase I made.

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