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3dCarbon traces its roots back to the car culture of Southern California where the import tuning craze began in the early 1990s. Supplying aerodynamic kits to enthusiasts that ate, slept, and breathed modifying their vehicles, the company quickly perfected engineering and manufacturing methods using urethane. Since then, 3dCarbon has developed product after product with unparalleled consistency of strength and thickness along the most intricate bends.

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3dCarbon delivers the aggressive styling you want with the easy installation and perfect fit. You'll find one-piece air dams, replacement bumper covers, side valance panels, and rear lower skirts designed for your specific make and model. If the particular design of your front or rear bumper cover makes a one-piece skirt impractical, you'll find 2-piece air dams that light up the lower edges and corners of the bumper with equally explosive looks.

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If you travel over rougher terrain or face angled driveways, we offer products from 3dCarbon that give you the same aggressive looks without any reduction in ground clearance. For example, the Front Lip piece mounts completely on top of the lower section of your front bumper cover without hanging down. Ribbed strakes and curved contours add visual speed while enhancing aerodynamics as they deflect wind around the sides of the vehicle.

We offer you a collection of 3dCarbon hood scoops that face forward in the classic muscle car tradition, functional vented hood grilles, rear quarter panel scoops, and side window scoops that simulate cabin air ducts. For those that don't mind performing a small amount of metal cutting and bodywork, we offer stylish front fender vent pieces that significantly improve engine compartment ventilation and reduce under hood temperatures.

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If you've got a late model Mustang, we've got creative products from 3dCarbon that were designed specifically to pay tribute to legendary early Mustang classics. For example, the Rear Blackout Panel in matte black finish is shaped to fit between tail lamps and match the look of 1969-73 Mustang Mach I and popular Boss models. Many first-generation Mustangs were equipped with vent-style slats on rear fenders modeled after Ford racecars.

Professional installers and body shops who regularly work with automotive accessories often comment on how rarely they find air dams, side skirts and other pieces that fit correctly right out of the box. 3dCarbon products are dimensioned properly for every make and model, come without flaws, and have an even level of thickness and strength from one side of the part to the other. The professionals will also tell you while it's easy to find aero pieces that deliver on or two of those categories, very few companies deliver on all three the way 3dCarbon products do.

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2012 Ford Focus
| Posted by | (Pinon Hills, CA)

Easy install. The black paint was excessive and made for a lot of sanding to prep for paint.

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