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Aftermarket body kit and ground effects components are modeled after modifications racers make to production vehicle bodies to make them handle better at speed. Each individual modification is designed to work with other mods as a system based on testing in the wind tunnel and on the race track. Side skirts are perfect examples of this because they work best when used with bumper lips, air dams, or front spoilers.

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Race car builders seek an ideal aerodynamic balance between drag and downforce. Minimizing drag reduces the air resistance encountered by the car, allowing it to go faster. Down force is necessary so the tires stay firmly planted on the track surface for optimal power delivery, steering and braking. Although some body mods increase drag to create downforce, this tradeoff is necessary for overall vehicle performance.

Bumper lips, air dams, and front spoilers reduce the amount of air flowing under the car. This not only reduces drag because less air encounters resistance from the irregular shapes of the mechanical components under the car, but it also helps create downforce because more air is forced around the sides and over the top of the car. The limited amount of air that does go under the car travels at increased velocity, creating a low pressure area. The greater pressure above the car creates downforce that helps the car stay glued to the track, improving tire traction for propulsion and steering.

This is where side skirts become beneficial. Side skirts minimize the amount of air that goes under the car from the sides. In fact, without side skirts, a bumper lip’s effect can be negated because the low pressure area created under the car by the bumper lip would cause high pressure air from the sides to come rushing in. Accordingly, side skirts are more effective when they are closer to the ground. But aside from performance, side skirts also create the visual effect of making a car appear lowered, as if it were “hugging” the pavement.

Our side skirts, especially when installed in conjunction with a bumper lip, can give your street car the lowered, road hugging, ready-for-the-track appearance you’re looking for. They’re manufactured from durable materials including carbon fiber, ABS plastic, fiberglass, and urethane, and designed specifically for each application, so you can be assured of form that will perfectly complement your car’s styling, and easy fitment. They’ll arrive at your door ready for prep and paint, and depending on the brand, install easily with bolt-on or adhesive attachment.

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  • Exterior Accessories
    There are body kits that are very carefully designed to control the airflow around the car, and there are body kits made to give the car a racing look, a look that not necessarily is more aerodynamic than the original but gives a performance character to the vehicle. It is more a choice between a kit that provides the best look per dollar and a kit that provides the best performance with cost being of little importance.
  • Exterior Accessories
    Regardless of the body kit material you choose, the end result will only be as good as the quality of the installation. Fiberglass parts are relatively easy to produce and inexpensive to buy, but their fit and finish as delivered is not as good as parts made from polyurethane or ABS plastic. Polyurethane is another popular material for body kit parts. Let’s take a look at each type.

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4.5 of 5
2012 Hyundai Veloster / Posted by Eduardo (Panama, AA) /

Good quality, easy to install.

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