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Fenders are undoubtedly one of the most under-appreciated parts on any vehicle. Their job is to keep dust, sand, rocks, and mud from being thrown in the air while you're driving. By framing the front wheel well, a fender prevents this from happening but takes the brunt of the punishment itself. During any collisions, the front bumper often ends up being pushed back into the fender, which in turn buckles and is damaged.

True car enthusiasts recognize its importance however, which is why nowadays you'll find that numerous custom fenders are available. Here on CARiD, there is an extensive selection to browse through, along with other accessories that you may need too. Assuming you have any questions, be sure to get in touch with one of our customer service representatives who are constantly ready to help.

Generally speaking, custom fenders are sometimes used to describe replacement fenders that don't come from the car manufacturer. In these cases, the fenders in question are often built to be exact replicas of the original part and fit its measurements precisely. Although in most cases replacement fenders tend to be made out of the same materials as the original ones, occasionally they are slightly different. This is especially the case for the fenders of older cars from before rust prevention was widely available.

That being said, custom fenders also refer to aftermarket and specialized fenders that improve on the original in other ways. Traditionally, most fenders are made out of sheet metal steel, but nowadays plastics as well as carbon fiber or fiberglass are often used because they do not rust and are also much lighter. If you're looking to get a little bit of extra speed out of your vehicle, a lightweight carbon fiber fender might be a good improvement over a much heavier one that is made out of sheet metal.

Similarly, some custom fenders are also designed to be more aerodynamic. Because the fender is located on either side and so close to the front end of the vehicle, it plays a crucial role in how air wraps around the car and sleek fenders often help with the airflow. Other designs that feature grooves or grilles that allow air to pass through more easily can also serve the same purpose, and you'd be surprised just how much extra power you'll be able to get out of your vehicle with even the slightest adjustment to its aerodynamics.

Along with custom fenders, there are numerous other accessories that can be used to enhance fenders in terms of both functionality as well as appearance. Some, such as fender flares, are used to protect the fender from mud and debris while also making it look a lot more rugged too. On the other hand, it may be necessary to replace the entire fender if a larger wheel is being used so that it provides sufficient clearance between the tire and the edges of the wheel well. With so many different types of custom fenders, flares, and trims available, you could make your vehicle very unique indeed.

When it comes to installation, different custom fenders vary from one another. For the most part, it is necessary to replace the original fender and bolt the new one on. That being said, for certain parts such as fender flares, there are some that simply bolt over the existing fender instead. Essentially, if you aren't sure as to how to install a particular fender, it might be better to get some help at a workshop. Once installed however, you should find that your wheel well is much better protected, though it wouldn't hurt cleaning it from time to time.

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1989 Nissan Silvia
| Posted by | (Tulsa, OK)

Once the product got shipped i received it quick. Fenders look a lot better in quality and finish compared to my last Duraflex fenders. Highly recommend these fenders. Fitment is about 9/10 just a bit of body work to even out corners.

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