Couture Body Kits

Luxurious Aerodynamic Lines that Revolutionize the Industry

The size of Extreme Dimensions and the number of years it has been in business demonstrates how much emphasis it puts on quality, and its Couture brand is certainly no different. When you buy a product with an Extreme Dimensions brand on it, you are going to get a product to last you for a long time, and this is important because it can take quite some effort to decide on the perfect products for your car. This is especially true with a brand like Couture.

Featured Products

Couture’s product range includes things like front and rear bumpers, which can have dramatic improvements on your vehicle because they are areas that you look at often without really thinking about. The right front and rear bumper combination will ensure you get the attention you deserve, and it can help with aerodynamics so you can go faster on the track, and so you can save a little fuel on the road. Of course, what you really buy them for is the looks, so it is good to know they look completely different from standard front and rear bumpers.

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Couture also offers fenders which can make all the difference when you have a standard vehicle, and can add the finishing touches to a highly customized one. Fenders are, like other parts of your vehicle, capable of blending in so you do not really notice them, but with the right Couture fenders you will never fail to see them again. A similar part is the grille, and Couture has grilles that can give the front of your vehicle a subtle improvement over standard grilles, perfect for vehicles with few accessories, or they can completely change it just like the perfect front bumper.

Couture products are designed with OEM fitment in mind, which means you can easily install them without having to break something, move something or have a professional re-engineer certain parts of your vehicle. Couture recommends their products for the serious enthusiast, which is a hint as to the advantages they can offer over other brands, and you know the product you have bought is highly engineered when it comes with an installation kit.

  • Couture® - Luxe Front Bumper on Dodge Magnum
  • Couture® - TS Edition Front Bumper on Chevy Corvette
  • Couture® - R32 Front Bumper on Volkswagen Golf
  • Couture® - Demon 2 Front Bumper on Ford Mustang
  • Couture® - A-Tech Body Kit on Audi A4
  • Couture® - Executive Body Kit on BMW 3-Series E92
  • Couture® - R32 Body Kit on Volkswagen Golf
  • Couture® -  Luxe Body Kit on Dodge Magnum
  • Couture® - A-Tech Rear Add On on Audi Q7
  • Couture® - C-Speed Rear Bumper on Mitsubishi Evolution X
  • Couture® - MZ-S Rear Lip on Infiniti FX
  • Couture® - GD-R Rear Bumper on Honda Fit

And there are many advantages to Couture products, with most of them coming from the materials with which they are manufactured. The most common material in Couture products is Polyurethane, which is a type of plastic with a long history of use so the best techniques are known well. Polyurethane is able to be strong enough to handle the pressure it is under on your vehicle, but because it is plastic it is able to avoid problems like rust. It also allows for very unique designs because of the build process, and this type of plastic can be made to move almost like paper to make the perfect look.

Couture, like other Extreme Dimensions brands, understands the need for high quality products, so you know your new purchase will do what it promised to do for a long time to come. The stunning looks available ensure you can get the perfect look to make your vehicle stand out from a crowd like nothing else, and the effort involved in picking that look will be quickly forgotten as soon as you see the finished product. Because you are at CARiD, you even get to know that you are getting serious value for every dollar you spend, since we have great prices on everything we stock.