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    Mercury is one of the classic American makes, with a heritage that goes back generations. Make those generations spin in their graves by adding a Mercury Body Kit to your car. They don’t make ‘em anymore, so why not? Add a subtle bumper cover or a lip spoiler to improve your fuel economy, add a full set of skirts and fender flares for some big tires and rims. We have Ford Body kits that will make your car a standout. Choose from urethane, Carbon Fiber, Duraflex and ABS. These high-tech materials will make you and your car look great!

    Here at CARiD we have Mercury Body kits from Duraflex, Carbon Creations, Pure, JKS, Remin, Dawn, T5i and more. Choose your body parts from factory-style urethane, high-tech carbon fiber, Flexible Duraflex and even automotive-grade ABS plastic. We have then all!

    To appreciate a body kit and the benefits it delivers, you have to try it. It's the only way how you can realize how much the look and handling of your vehicle have improved. One-of-a-kind style created by the exquisite curves of the body kits that we offer will never leave you indifferent. Manufactured from carbon fiber, fiberglass, and polyurethane composites, our custom body kits provide world-class quality and radically new appearance. Still in doubts? Read over 9 body kit reviews with an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars, and let us help you change the look and feel of your vehicle.

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    There are body kits that are very carefully designed to control the airflow around the car, and there are body kits made to give the car a racing look, a look that not necessarily is more aerodynamic than the original but gives a performance character to the vehicle. It is more a choice between a kit that provides the best look per dollar and a kit that provides the best performance with cost being of little importance.

    Customer Reviews
    2009 Mercury Milan
    Posted by

    "Took me 20 minutes to install the product. Fits well. Seems like it is factory fitted. Will definitely help in reducing scratches and abuses when guests are dumping luggage in the trunk."

    2002 Mercury Cougar
    Posted by

    "Well I must say I luv the body kit! It's great on my car, and when people see it they stare. I like the attention my Cougar gets, not too many people in my city do anything to their Cougars. The only problem I had with my kit was my side skirts were cracked during the shipping and I didn't notice till after I unwrapped the plastic :( "

    2000 Mercury Cougar
    Posted by

    "Well I have a 10-piece body kit for my 2000 Mercury Cougar. I heard about this website from a friend so I decided to give it a try. I brought this item and the shipping was fast but my fender was cracked and I just couldn't deal with them, but didn't have a heart attack cause the customer service was awesome, talked to Mr.Brad And Mr.Frank. I let kw what happened, they sent me replacements (fast and quick) and the replacement was nice. I was very pleased with my order and will be shopping more from here. Wish they had a picture option up here so I show my car, but thanks CARiD."