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Wheel & Tire Packages
When ordering a wheel and tire package, you get free mounting and balancing, which saves both your time and your money.


In-House Wheel Experts
Call us with any questions

Our dedicated Wheel & Tire Team will support you at any time with individual solutions, customization options, tell you which wheels fit your
vehicle perfectly, recommend the size and type of tire to match, and give you professional advice.

Why Buy From Us?
Why Buy From Us?
The Service You Trust

Buying custom wheels is NOT as easy as 1-2-3. You need to understand the different types, what will fit and what will not, realize the issues of getting wheels without tires, as well as other details.

But most importantly you need to be confident that it is a real professional who is advising you throughout this expensive purchase as well as it is a reputable company who will always be there for you afterwards. It is very rare to get this kind of service from a small local shop.

by Mike M

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State Of The Art Equipment
State Of The Art Equipment
Technologies Elevated to Art

Our brand new wheel & tire facility has the latest state-of-the-art equipment. From drilling and shaving to "scratchless" mounting and "road force" balancing, we can properly handle any size wheel and tire that most local shops cannot.

Every single wheel that we ship goes through a very thorough Quality Assurance (QA) process.

Mounting VideoBalancing Video
Guaranteed Fitment
Guaranteed Fitment
Right The First Time

No fitment issues when you order from us!

We have created the most accurate wheel & tire fitment database in the industry. We guarantee that the wheels we offer will fit your vehicle with the right diameter, offset, backspacing, and bolt pattern. All our recommended wheel & tire packages are built to perfectly fit your vehicle with no modifications and no performance or fitment problems.

Wheel Offsets 101 Video
Customization Options
Customization Options
Your Personal Statement

There is no compromise when it comes to design. We can fully customize any set of rims in our in-house paint facility: whether it's custom finish, powder-coating, textures, engraving, and even rhinestones. Color-match your vehicle, or choose multiple shades on different facets of the wheel.

Use our wheel customizer to create and preview that one-of-a-kind look you want.

Wheel & Tire Packages
Wheel & Tire Packages
Why Deal with the Hassle of Getting Your Tires Somewhere Else?

Why deal with the hassle of getting your tires and TPMS sensors separately? Save time and money by buying a complete set. Simply take off your factory wheels and install the new ones yourself. Conveniently receive a fully functional and assembled wheel & tire package without having to do any extra work or incur further costs.

Your tires will be carefully mounted on to your rims with our state-of-the-art Hunter® tire equipment. And we guarantee that your new wheel and tire package will perfectly fit your car!

Always have an extra set. Enjoy the convenience of quickly switching between your factory and custom wheels for snow or racing.

TPMS Sensors
Tire Pressure Sensors

Sensors are available for purchase and are installed for free. We recommend new sensors for your new wheels because the last thing you want to do is to transfer the original sensors from your factory wheels.

There is a high risk of damage and you lose the convenience of quickly switching between your factory and custom wheels.

Read more about TPMS
Wheel Locks
Wheel Locks

McGard is an OE wheel lock supplier to over 30 car lines around the world. Their products are made in the US to meet or exceed OEM standards for safety and durability.

Shop McGard Wheel Locks
Mounting & Balancing
Mounting & Balancing
Ready To Run From The Box

State-of-the-art Hunter Auto 34 Touchless tire mounting and balancing on Hunter Road Force® GSP9700 machines with SmartWeight™ balancing technology will ensure a vibration-free ride with fewer wheel weights. There are very few companies who have this equipment.

We also use Hoffman® wheel weights - the most advanced wheel weights in the world.

Mounting VideoBalancing Video
Nitrogen Inflation
Nitrogen Inflation
Inflation by BRANICK®

Want to get extended tire life and increased fuel economy? Nitrogen is the answer.

It helps your tires remain properly inflated much longer and maintains a more consistent tire pressure whether it is summer or winter. We use the advanced Branick Model 500 inflation system to create pure and dry nitrogen.

ImportantBranick Model 500
Power Weights
Power Weights

The most advanced wheel weights in the world. Powder coated for corrosion resistance as well as a hidden look.

Developed to attach easily and conform perfectly to the inner surface of the wheel.

Available in a variety of colors, so you can match or contrast wheel weights to your rims or vehicle.

Hofmann Power Weights
Installation Kit
Installation Kit
Free Gift from our Wheel Team

You won't have to spend your time and money trying to find the right lug nuts and bolts for your new wheels because we'll send you a free installation kit. The kit includes everything you need to install your new wheels on your specific vehicle: chrome lug nuts or bolts, sleeved valve stems (if needed), and hub rings (if needed).

- Included for free
- Comes with all wheels
- Complete wheel hardware kit
- Right for your new wheels & vehicle
- Ensures hassle-free installation

Worry-Free Shipping
Worry-Free Shipping
Protected and Cared For

Safe packaging means confident shipping, and you can rest assured your wheels and/or tires are packed and handled with great care. Your order is shipped and insured in packaging certified by UPS from our dedicated wheel and tire facility, so there's absolutely no need to worry about shipping damage.

Your wheels and/or tires will arrive in perfect condition, ready to install!

Dedicated Customer Service
Dedicated Customer Service
People that Understand Your Needs

We know how important your wheel and tire purchase is to you.

If you have any issues or concerns with your order, don't hesitate to contact our dedicated wheel & tire team by phone, email, or live chat. We are always here to help!

Largest Selection
Largest Selection
Endless Possibilities

We carry 200 different brands of wheels, in wheel diameters from 13" to 32". Our wheel fitments range from the 1950's American classics to the newest European supercars.

Tires are available from 30 different manufacturers, in section widths up to 445 mm, and aspect ratios down to 20. Tire tread patterns include summer, winter, all-season, high-performance, and off-road varieties.

Select Wheel Brand

Performance and Control
Tires that change your driving experience

Today, everyone is more safety conscious, and new vehicle purchase decisions are often based on whether a model has the latest accident avoidance technologies like forward collision and blind spot warnings, and automatic emergency braking. At the same time, many drivers don't think about one of their vehicle's most important safety features - the tires.

Your tires may be the most important components on your vehicle. No matter how much horsepower your engine makes, no matter how sophisticated the suspension or powerful the brakes, they're all useless unless the tires can properly grip the pavement under acceleration, hard cornering, and severe braking. Tires connect the vehicle with the road, help cushion it from potholes for a comfortable ride, and provide the traction and steering response that gets you through rain and snow. And they do this for many thousands of miles, so effortlessly that we rarely think about them. Eventually though, you'll find that your vehicle's ride and handling aren't what they used to be. You may find it pulling to one side when you're trying to go straight, or when the weather's bad, spinning the wheels when you're trying to accelerate, or sliding when turning. Those symptoms can be caused by worn tires and that's when it's time to call us. We have an extensive selection of the top brands for every purpose and application, at prices to suit every pocketbook. We have everything from high-end products offered by marquee names like Goodyear, Pirelli and Michelin to more affordable options such as Nexen, Kumho and Sumitomo. Whatever size you're looking for, 17", 20" or 22" tires, or anything else, you'll find what you need in our extensive inventory.

We'll make sure you get the right tire for your vehicle and driving requirements because we know how tires affect vehicle performance and how important they are to your safety. We carry all-season tires that will provide good traction, handling and ride quality in all types of weather; performance tires for road-gripping traction in summer or winter driving; and winter/snow tires for maximum traction on ice and snow, for passenger cars and light trucks & SUVs. We also have a wide range of all-terrain, off-road, and mud tires for light trucks and SUVs that provide maximum traction and endurance out on the trail; high load capacity commercial tires for heavy-duty trucks; and competition tires for all-out performance on the race track. If you have a classic vehicle or muscle car, here you'll find period correct tires as well as modern radials with vintage sidewall designs; run flat tires that allow you to continue driving up to 50 miles after a puncture; and fuel efficient tires designed to get the most miles from every drop of gas. Each tire is produced using the latest technology and manufactured to the most rigorous standards, with top-quality materials like natural and synthetic rubbers, high-tech fabrics, steel, and compound chemicals. All sizes and options are gathered here on our digital shelves, including 245/45R17, 335/30R18, 245/30R22 tires, and much more.

One of the greatest differences between tires is the tread pattern, and this must be selected according to the type of driving you do. Under perfect conditions on smooth dry pavement the most ideal tread pattern would be no pattern at all; just solid rubber for the most tire contact possible. That's why drag racing slicks have no tread - so the tire can transfer as much of the engine's power to the ground as possible. However, even on the best highways conditions are seldom perfect, so the grooves that make up the tread pattern are necessary to allow water to be expelled. When driving on snow or off-road, an even wider and deeper tread pattern is necessary. The surface of the tire then appears as tread blocks separated by large grooves and spaces that enable the tire to dig into the snow or dirt for better traction.

All-season tires are designed to provide a quiet, comfortable ride with adequate traction for all driving conditions. These tires are marked M + S (Mud and Snow), meaning they meet the standards set by the Rubber Manufacturers Association for Mud and Snow tires. The biggest advantage to all-season tires is that you don't need 2 sets of tires for winter and summer driving. They are, by their nature, a compromise, but ideal if you live in a temperate climate and don't experience a lot of snowfall in the winter months. If you drive extensively on ice and snow, a winter/snow tire with its more aggressive tread pattern is a better choice so you can avoid getting stuck. Winter/snow tires have chamfered tread blocks with significant siping, and wider spacing between blocks, which combine for optimal traction on snow. Traction is further aided by a rubber compound that is engineered to remain soft even at low temperatures. However, these tires can be noisy on dry pavement, and the softer rubber compound means they can wear out faster, especially at higher temperatures, so you should change over to a summer tire when the last threat of snow has passed.

The tread and rubber compound on performance tires designed for winter driving are optimized to provide good performance on sports coupes and sedans under normal winter driving conditions, however they are generally not intended for use in deep snow and severe weather, in which case a dedicated winter/snow tire should be used. Performance tires for summer driving usually have the minimum amount of tread so the maximum amount of rubber can be applied to the pavement, and the rubber compound is softer at elevated temperatures, for maximum traction, better cornering and shorter stopping distances. But because the tread compound is engineered for warm and hot weather, summer performance tires should never be used when the ambient temperature is 40ºF or lower. Performance tires are also speed rated so they can be matched to the top speed capabilities of performance vehicles. The highest current speed rating is Y - 186 mph, followed by W - 168 mph, V - 149 mph, and H - 130 mph.

Performance tires also commonly have a "low profile" or low aspect ratio, like that found on 19" and 21" tires, which is the relationship of the tire's sidewall height to its width. The lower the aspect ratio, the smaller the sidewall height. A smaller sidewall height makes the sidewall stiffer, which is ideal for a performance vehicle because it results in crisper steering. There's no flex so the car goes where it's pointed, but the tradeoff is a somewhat firmer ride. Of course, that smaller sidewall height also enables you to run some radical large diameter rims, so check out our wheels selection and consider a wheel and tire package. We have a wide variety of tire sizes, including 285/30R19, 265/35R20 and 325/50R22, and the wheels to go with them. Because after all, a performance car has to look just as great as it drives.

If corner carving isn't your style and you'd rather be hauling dirt bikes to the trails in your pickup or loading up the family in your SUV for a weekend trip, we've got you covered. The available tread patterns on truck tires varies just as much as with passenger cars, from highway tires with tread optimized for smooth quiet ride, fuel mileage, and long life, to the aggressive tread of off-road, all-terrain, and mud tires. What light truck and SUV tires all have in common is they usually have a heavier casing, an extra belt, or stronger belts that give them the ability to carry the heavy weight of a truck or SUV and its cargo. At the extremes of the truck tire world are the super aggressive off-road and mud tires made especially for lifted trucks. These oversize tires have pronounced lugs that usually extend into the sidewall and allow the tire to dig into mud and loose dirt for the ultimate in traction. We have an extensive selection of these monsters from manufacturers like Fuel, Dick Cepek, Mickey Thompson and others. All have tough looks that go great with a set of rugged off-road wheels.

We also offer a full line of heavy-duty tires for all types of commercial trucks and fleets, with tread patterns designed for highway and off-road use, and for use in steering and drive wheel positions. These tires are engineered to deliver traction for sure handling and safe stopping, a comfortable ride, and optimal fuel mileage, reliability and long tread life, so you get maximum performance and value. And no matter what era your vintage, antique, or collector car is from, we have the genuine reproduction tires you need for an authentic appearance. Here you'll find blackwall, narrow and wide whitewall, redline, goldline, and raised white letter sidewalls, in original design bias-ply construction. Or if you want an original appearance but with an upgrade in ride quality and handling, many of the aforementioned sidewall styles are available on tires with modern radial construction.

The car that can launch the hardest from the starting line, brake the latest, or go hardest into the corners without spinning out is often the car with the best tires. Whether you compete off-road, on road courses, or at the drag strip we have the track/competition tires that will get you on the podium. We have road racing tires for dry and wet conditions, drag racing slicks, and DOT (Department of Transportation) approved tires for road courses and the strip. Our DOT tires come in versions for classes that require DOT legal tires but should not necessarily be used on the street, as well as tires that can be used on your machine to drive on the street and the track, including different types of drag radials. More and more vehicles these days are not equipped with spare tires, and instead come with "run flat" tires. Run flat tires have the sidewall stiffness to allow the vehicle to be driven up to 50 miles after a puncture, which is usually plenty of range to reach home safely or get to a repair shop. We have run flat tires for cars and trucks and for winter, summer, and performance driving. Even if your vehicle wasn't originally equipped with them, as long as it has a TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System) you can upgrade to the safety and convenience of run flat tires.

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