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  • The actual Tread Pattern for your specific tire may vary slightly from the displayed images based on the size and/or width of the actual tire ordered.
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P ZERO Tires by PIRELLI TIRES®. Season: Summer. Type: Performance. The Pirelli P ZERO tire is designed to provide excellent grip in wet conditions with improved safety in potential aquaplaning situations. Its asymmetric tread pattern improves braking performance and enhances handling and control. The new nano-composite compound ensures maximum grip and stability. The structural integrity of the tire allows for better steering response, which is essential in sports driving. The special “s-shaped” grooves in the tread area deliver lower cabin noise levels, enhancing driver comfort.


  • The actual Tread Pattern for your specific tire may vary slightly from the displayed images based on the size and/or width of the actual tire ordered.


Three Wide Longitudinal Grooves

Three Wide Longitudinal Grooves
Faster water expulsion for improved safety and control in potential aquaplaning situations.

S-Shape Tread Design

S-Shape Tread Design
Optimal pressure distribution for safety under critical braking conditions.

Three Solid Central Ribs

Three Solid Central Ribs
Improved braking and traction even at high speed thanks to increased pattern stiffness with optimized and constant area.

The tire’s structural integrity improves steering response and ensures uniform tread wear. A special “S-shaped” groove in the tread reduces interior noise levels, enhancing driving comfort. The P Zero is truly a benchmark in its segment and ideal for all of the finest sport and exotic cars.

P Zero Family is the maximum expression of Pirelli's "Ultra High Performance" philosophy. Enhancing the performance of modern supersports cars and their most "extreme" versions, these tires have also been designed for occasional race track use. Ideal for powerful sedans and mid-range vehicles.

Founded in 1872, today Pirelli® counts 19 tire industrial plants, in four continents, operating through a widespread sales network in over 160 countries around the world. Pirelli is distinguished for its long industrial tradition, which has always been combined with capacity for innovation, product quality and brand strength. A strength which, since 2002, has also been supported by the industrial design project of P Zero, and which today has been further recognized by the Formula 1, for which Pirelli Tire is the exclusive supplier for the three-year term 2011-2013.


P ZERO 205/45ZR17XL 88Y
P ZERO 205/45R17XL 88Y
P ZERO 205/40ZR18XL 86Y
P ZERO 205/40ZR18XL 86(Y)
P ZERO 225/40ZR18XL 92Y
P ZERO 235/40ZR18XL 95Y
P ZERO 235/50ZR18XL 101(Y)
P ZERO 235/55R18XL 104Y
P ZERO 245/35ZR18XL 92Y
P ZERO 245/40R18XL 97Y
P ZERO 245/45R18 100W
P ZERO 245/45R18XL 100Y
P ZERO 245/50ZR18 100(Y)
P ZERO 255/40R18XL 99Y
P ZERO 265/35R18XL 97Y
P ZERO 265/40ZR18XL 101(Y)
P ZERO 275/45ZR18 103(Y)
P ZERO 275/45ZR18XL 107(Y)
P ZERO 285/35R18 97Y
P ZERO 225/35R19XL 88Y
P ZERO 225/40R19XL 93W
P ZERO 225/40R19XL 93Y
P ZERO 235/35ZR19XL 91Y
P ZERO 235/35ZR19 87(Y)
P ZERO 235/35ZR19XL 91(Y)
P ZERO 235/40R19XL 96Y
P ZERO 235/50R19 99W
P ZERO 235/50ZR19 99Y
P ZERO 235/55R19 101Y
P ZERO 245/35R19XL 93Y
P ZERO 245/35ZR19XL 93(Y)
P ZERO 245/40R19 94W
P ZERO 245/40R19XL 98Y
P ZERO 245/40R19 98Y
P ZERO 245/40ZR19 94(Y)
P ZERO 245/40R19 94(Y)
P ZERO 245/45R19XL 102Y
P ZERO 245/45R19 102Y
P ZERO 245/45ZR19 98(Y)
P ZERO 255/30ZR19XL 91Y
P ZERO 255/30ZR19XL 91(Y)
P ZERO 255/35R19XL 96Y
P ZERO 255/35R19 96Y
P ZERO 255/35R19XL 96(Y)
P ZERO 255/35ZR19XL 96(Y)
P ZERO 255/40ZR19 96Y
P ZERO 255/40R19XL 100Y
P ZERO 255/40ZR19XL 100(Y)
P ZERO 255/45R19 100W
P ZERO 255/45R19 100Y
P ZERO 255/45ZR19 100(Y)
P ZERO 255/50R19 103Y
P ZERO 255/55R19XL 111W
P ZERO 265/35R19XL 98W
P ZERO 265/35ZR19 94(Y)
P ZERO 265/35ZR19XL 98(Y)
P ZERO 265/50R19XL 110Y
P ZERO 265/50R19XL 100(Y)
P ZERO 275/30R19XL 96Y
P ZERO 275/35R19XL 100Y
P ZERO 275/35ZR19 96(Y)
P ZERO 275/40R19 101Y
P ZERO 275/40ZR19 101Y
P ZERO 275/40R19 101(Y)
P ZERO 275/40ZR19XL 105(Y)
P ZERO 285/30ZR19XL 98(Y)
P ZERO 285/35ZR19XL 103(Y)
P ZERO 285/40ZR19 103(Y)
P ZERO 295/30ZR19XL 100(Y)
P ZERO 295/45R19XL 113Y
P ZERO 305/30ZR19XL 102(Y)
P ZERO 235/35R20XL 92Y
P ZERO 235/35ZR20 88(Y)
P ZERO 235/45R20XL 100W
P ZERO 245/30ZR20XL 90(Y)
P ZERO 245/35ZR20XL 95Y
P ZERO 245/35ZR20 91(Y)
P ZERO 245/35ZR20XL 95(Y)
P ZERO 245/40R20XL 99W
P ZERO 245/40R20 99W
P ZERO 245/40ZR20 95Y
P ZERO 245/40ZR20 99Y
P ZERO 245/40R20XL 99Y
P ZERO 245/45ZR20XL 103Y
P ZERO 255/30ZR20XL 92(Y)
P ZERO 255/35R20XL 97Y
P ZERO 255/35ZR20XL 97Y
P ZERO 255/35ZR20XL 97(Y)
P ZERO 255/40R20XL 101W
P ZERO 255/40R20XL 101Y
P ZERO 255/40ZR20XL 101(Y)
P ZERO 255/45R20XL 105H
P ZERO 255/50R20XL 109W
P ZERO 265/30ZR20XL 94Y
P ZERO 265/30R20XL 94Y
P ZERO 265/30ZR20 94Y
P ZERO 265/35R20XL 99Y
P ZERO 265/35ZR20XL 99Y
P ZERO 265/35ZR20XL 99(Y)
P ZERO 265/40R20XL 104W
P ZERO 265/40R20XL 104Y
P ZERO 265/45R20 104Y
P ZERO 265/45ZR20XL 108Y
P ZERO 265/45R20XL 108Y
P ZERO 275/30ZR20XL 97(Y)
P ZERO 275/35ZR20XL 102Y
P ZERO 275/35R20XL 102Y
P ZERO 275/35ZR20XL 102(Y)
P ZERO 275/40ZR20XL 106Y
P ZERO 275/40ZR20XL 106(Y)
P ZERO 275/45ZR20XL 110(Y)
P ZERO 285/30ZR20XL 99(Y)
P ZERO 285/35ZR20 104Y
P ZERO 285/35R20XL 104Y
P ZERO 285/35ZR20 100(Y)
P ZERO 285/40R20 104Y
P ZERO 285/45R20XL 112Y
P ZERO 295/30ZR20XL 101Y
P ZERO 295/30ZR20XL 101(Y)
P ZERO 295/35ZR20XL 105(Y)
P ZERO 295/40R20 106Y
P ZERO 295/40R20XL 110Y
P ZERO 305/30ZR20XL 103Y
P ZERO 305/30ZR20 99(Y)
P ZERO 305/30ZR20XL 103(Y)
P ZERO 305/35ZR20 104(Y)
P ZERO 305/40ZR20XL 112(Y)
P ZERO 315/35ZR20 106(Y)
P ZERO 325/35R20 108Y
P ZERO 335/30ZR20 104(Y)
P ZERO 345/25ZR20 100(Y)
P ZERO 245/35ZR21XL 96Y
P ZERO 245/35R21XL 99Y
P ZERO 255/30ZR21XL 93(Y)
P ZERO 255/35R21 98Y
P ZERO 255/40R21XL 102W
P ZERO 255/40R21XL 102Y
P ZERO 255/40R21 102Y
P ZERO 255/50R21XL 109Y
P ZERO 265/35R21XL 103Y
P ZERO 265/40R21 101Y
P ZERO 265/40ZR21XL 105Y
P ZERO 265/40ZR21XL 105(Y)
P ZERO 265/45R21 104W
P ZERO 275/30ZR21XL 98(Y)
P ZERO 275/35ZR21 103Y
P ZERO 275/35ZR21XL 103(Y)
P ZERO 275/45R21XL 110H
P ZERO 285/30ZR21 100Y
P ZERO 285/30ZR21XL 100(Y)
P ZERO 285/35R21XL 105Y
P ZERO 285/40ZR21XL 109(Y)
P ZERO 295/35R21 103Y
P ZERO 295/35R21XL 107Y
P ZERO 295/35ZR21XL 107Y
P ZERO 295/35ZR21XL 107(Y)
P ZERO 295/40ZR21XL 111Y
P ZERO 305/35ZR21XL 109Y
P ZERO 315/35ZR21 111Y
P ZERO 315/35ZR21XL 111(Y)
P ZERO 325/25ZR21XL 102(Y)
P ZERO 325/30ZR21 108Y
P ZERO 325/30ZR21XL 108Y
P ZERO 355/25ZR21XL 107(Y)
P ZERO 265/35R22XL 102H
P ZERO 265/40R22XL 106Y
P ZERO 275/35R22 104W
P ZERO 275/35R22XL 104Y
P ZERO 275/40R22XL 108Y
P ZERO 285/35ZR22XL 106(Y)
P ZERO 285/40R22 106Y
P ZERO 285/40ZR22XL 110Y
P ZERO 285/40R22XL 110Y
P ZERO 285/40R22XL 110(Y)
P ZERO 315/30ZR22XL 107(Y)
P ZERO 325/35R22 110Y
P ZERO 335/25ZR22XL 105(Y)
P ZERO 285/35ZR23XL 107Y
P ZERO 295/35ZR23XL 108Y
P ZERO 325/30ZR23XL 109Y


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Do Not Buy - "Cold Cracking"
I have a set of 4 of these tires for a 2014 Mustang manufactured 4021 and 4121. I have driven on them for 1 full summer of 2022 and the car was then stored for the winter in my insulated garage in Alberta, Canada. The garage maintains 0-5C through the coldest parts of the winter. I have noticed both of my front tires have cracking all across the tread and the rear tires are fine. Reaching out to Pirelli support they say this is called "Cold Cracking" and that these tires are not to be used below 7C. I have told them the car is stored from fall to spring and doesn't get driven below 7C. They say its my fault having the car stored in a garage below 7C which caused the tires to crack and its not covered under warranty. Somehow only my 2 front tires are cracked and the rears are fine. Pirelli says it's not safe to drive on cold cracked tires and they need to be replaced. So now I have 2 brand new tires with 8mm tread depth that are garbage. DO NOT BUY THESE TIRES!!!!
Posted by Josh (Calgary, AB) / January 05, 20232014 Ford Mustang
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I have read a few reviews about the quality of the Pirelli tires and I was taken aback by the positive reviews. My experience have been totally the opposite. My previous vehicle a 430I BMW 2017, convertible had Pirelli tires and only into about 12,000 and three years a bubble formed on the sidewall of the left front tire. Since it had 12,000 miles and was a three year old car (4,000 mile per year) I replaced the tire without questioning the bubble on the side wall. This year in February I replaced the 430 for a M340 which also came equipped with Pirelli tires, 225/40 R 19XL. To my amazement after only 4,100 miles and 8 months, both front tires developed bubbles on the side wall and had to be replaced. The BMW dealer wanted me to paid for the replacement of the tires but after a short argument they agreed to replaced them under manufacture's warranty. Please note the low mileage on both vehicles, driven less than 20 miles a day, garaged and well taken care. Based on my experience I would give Pirelli a "One" rating for quality. I just hope that the new tires will last longer and the next vehicle I get does not come equipped with Pirelli tires. Two vehicles, and both experienced the same issue (bubbles on the side wall). Owners of Pirelli tires, please inspect your vehicles periodically for defects from the manufacturers.
Posted by Customer / October 11, 20202020 BMW 3-Series
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Used on my W166 ML350. Completely different beast.
Posted by Peter (Acton Vale, QC) / June 14, 20182013 Mercedes M Class
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Pirrelli Tires
Haven't had them long but seem like good tires. Have had Pirrelli in the past and had good luck with them.
Posted by Mike (Monroe, WI) / March 25, 20172013 Dodge Charger
5 of 5
Excellent tires Pirelli P Zero.
Posted by Ramon. A (Miramar, FL) / March 08, 20172014 Cadillac CTS

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