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A good set of hand tools is a necessity for auto repair, but servicing many automotive systems requires special purpose tools. Some are as simple as an oil filter wrench or a jack and jack stands for raising and safely supporting the vehicle, but others, like scan tools and electronic testers, are much more complex and necessary for diagnosing computer controlled and electrical systems problems. But no matter what system or area of the vehicle you’re working on, engine, transmission, brakes, or suspension, fuel, cooling, A/C or exhaust systems, we have all the tools you’ll need for a successful repair.

One of the most important elements of any service procedure is gaining access to what you’re working on, so you can do a thorough job. This may involve raising and safely supporting the vehicle for access to the underside or the wheel ends, or removing subassemblies like the engine and/or transmission, and we’ve got the jacks, stands, and hoists to handle any service task. We have electric, hydraulic and air-actuated floor jacks including low profile models that can slide under the lowest sports cars, heavy-duty models suitable for truck use, and jacks that incorporate a jack stand into the jack mechanism, which are ideal for vehicles where only a small area is available for lifting and supporting. In addition, we have a full line of hydraulic bottle, air bag, and scissors jacks, heavy-duty jack stands and high-reach support stands, engine hoists and stands, and transmission jacks. Plus, we have low profile creepers that make it easy to get under the vehicle, creeper seats so you can work comfortably, and service carts that allow the parts and tools you’re using to be placed right at the vehicle.

Diagnosing and repairing an engine requires many special tools. A compression tester, vacuum gauge, oil pressure tester, and mechanic’s stethoscope will help you determine the health of the engine, and if a rebuild is needed, we have essential tools including bore brushes, hones, valve spring compressors, piston ring installers and compressors, and much more. For engine blueprinting we offer tools for cam degreeing, and checking piston deck clearance, crankshaft stroke, and other precision measurements. Here you’ll also find all the tools needed for common service procedures including belt tension gauges, camshaft locking tools, gear and pulley pullers, valve lash setting tools and seal installers. Components on many vehicles require special tools unique to the manufacturer for installation and removal, so whether you need a water pump wrench for a GM vehicle or an A/C line disconnect tool for a Ford, we have what you need.

Performing preventive maintenance and inspections at regular intervals is the best way to ensure your car or truck performs to its potential and lasts a long time, and we’ve got the equipment for every maintenance task. Our collection includes oil filter wrenches, drain pans and other oil change tools, as well as fluid evacuators that can make quick work of the job; spark plug sockets, gappers, boot pliers, distributor wrenches, timing lights and other ignition related tools; fuel system service tools such as carburetor adjusters, fuel line disconnect tools, and fuel injection system and fuel injector cleaning equipment; antifreeze testers, cooling system pressure testers and adapters, coolant funnels and drains, coolant exchangers and other cooling system service tools; and battery terminal cleaners, battery testers, battery chargers and maintainers, and many other battery service tools.

Keeping your car or truck clean and looking good to preserve the finish and resale value is also a key part of vehicle maintenance, and we have the supplies you need. In addition to car wash we have specialized cleaners for glass, interior cloth, vinyl and leather surfaces and carpet, and wheels and tires. Once your vehicle is clean you can protect all surfaces and bring paint and metal to a brilliant luster with our wax, metal polish, vinyl, leather and rubber conditioners, and tire shine, plus we have detailing products to keep your car or truck sparkling when it’s not that dirty and in between thorough cleanings. We also have all the necessary tools for cleaning, waxing and detailing including wash mitts and microfiber towels, powerful blow dryers that remove water fast, detailing brushes, and a large assortment of buffing pads.

Accurately diagnosing the problem is the most important part of the repair process, and with the myriad of computer control and electronic systems on modern vehicles, it’s only possible if you have the right equipment. On our digital shelves you’ll find code readers, scan tools for monitoring and diagnosing engine control systems, ABS, SRS (air bag) and TPMS systems, digital multimeters, electrical system testers including tools for charging and ignition systems, noid lights, fuel injection pulse testers, and fuel system pressure testers, exhaust analyzers and back pressure testers, and an extensive selection of diagnostic and repair information on CDs and in repair manuals. Along with the above we also offer maintenance reminder and oil life reset tools, as well as products that are often needed for a complete electrical job including connector separators, terminal tools, fuse holders, fuse block and fuse taps, and ground and power distribution blocks.

Just about every automotive system requires some unique tools for servicing and you’ll find them all right here. Brakes are one of the most commonly serviced systems, and the right tools will ensure the job gets done right. From simple pad spreaders and brake spring pliers for disc pad and brake shoe replacement, to flaring tools and benders for brake line replacement, we have the tools, including pressure bleeders and bleeder wrenches to rid air from the system. And go ahead and tackle those struts, ball joints, control arm bushings and tie-rod end replacement jobs. Our great selection of suspension and steering tools, including strut and coil spring compressors, ball joint and tie-rod separators, pitman arm pullers, and alignment gauges, makes these and other repair jobs easy. If your A/C system isn’t blowing cool air, check the system pressure with a manifold gauge set from our selection of A/C tools. If there’s a problem we have leak detectors, refrigerant identifiers, flushing equipment, vacuum pumps, compressor clutch tools, recycling & recovery machines and more to make the repair.

When you shop here, you’ll be able to take on transmission and driveline, exhaust system, and tire repairs. We have pilot bushing installation, clutch alignment, and many other clutch and manual transmission tools. You’ll find fluid pressure testers, clutch spring compressors, and more among our automatic transmission tools, and yoke holders, pinion depth checkers, differential housing spreaders, and more for servicing differentials. Exhaust system replacement won’t be a hassle when you’re using our pipe cutters, pipe expanders, oxygen sensor sockets, and hanger tools, and whether you just want to check tire pressure or need to repair or mount and balance tires, you can do it all with our tire repair & service tools. We offer bead breakers, tire irons, and complete tire changers; wheel balancers, and wheel weight pliers and hammers; tire spreaders, tire repair kits, and valve stem and core tools; and air compressors, tire pressure equalizers, and digital and analog pressure gauges.

Having the right puller can often be the difference between a routine job and expensive part damage. We have the pullers that will save you money in the long run including 2 and 3 jaw pullers and slide hammer pullers, and special pullers for power steering pump pulleys, harmonic balancers, steering wheels, gears, bushings, bearing races and seals, and even for fuel injectors and wiper arms. Some of our shop equipment can provide invaluable assistance in emergencies: jump starters and jumper cables to start a car with a dead battery, and lockout tools to gain entry to a vehicle with the keys locked inside. When you’re servicing a vehicle, you can make sure you’re not creating the need for more repairs by protecting vulnerable exterior and interior surfaces. We have fender covers, plastic steering wheel and seat covers and paper floor mats, and plastic wheel bags and door guards. And if you’ve got project cars that are taking up a lot of room, you can maximize your floor space by moving them around with our wheeled dollies placed under each tire.

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This is one of the easiest tools to use and works with every car and truck I have used it on! The coverage is great and the free software updates are a great value!
Posted by Customer / August 11, 20212007 Ford F-150
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