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Headquartered in Gilbert, Arizona, Plasmaglow is a visionary company that focuses all the attention on manufacturing of premium automotive lighting accessories. Plasmaglow knows that the only way for them to achieve success is to gain loyalty of the customers by delivering reliable products. Having all the products built in a state-of-the-art facility, Plasmaglow monitors the manufacturing process from the concept phase to the product packaging.

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Showing 1-15 of 694 Products
    Showing 1-15 of 694 Products

    The brightest upgrade offered by Plasmaglow are their LED Underbody Kits. They are created to bring light where it has never gone before and turn your vehicle into a customized piece of art. To satisfy all the needs you might have, Plasmaglow offers you to choose from several options, including the SuperNova 4.2 Million Color LED Undercar Kit, 2.1 Million LED Undercar Kit and Flexible LED Undercar Kit. Each kit has its unique features.

    To liven up the front-end of t vehicle, Plasmaglow offers its ThunderGrille LED Kit. The ultra-thin LED strips can be wired in with the supplied switch, or into the running lights for the kit to turn on with the vehicle. For the true fans who want to transform their vehicle into the KITT, Plasmaglow created the Night Raider LED Scanner. The flashing light bar can be used as a scanning 3rd brake light or an addition to the security system.

    • Plasmaglow® - ThunderGrille LED Grille Kit
    • Plasmaglow® - 2.1 Million Color LED Under Car Kit
    • Plasmaglow® - Lightning Eyes LED Headlight Kit
    • Plasmaglow® - HotLinez LED Tailgate Bar
    • Plasmaglow® - Flexible LED Wheel Well Kit
    • Plasmaglow® - Lightning Eyes LED Headlight Kit
    • Plasmaglow® - 2.1 Million Color LED Under Truck Kit
    • Plasmaglow® - LED GloStix
    • Plasmaglow® - Fire & Ice LED Mud Flap Kit
    • Plasmaglow® - 4 Circle LED Tail Lights
    • Plasmaglow® - Flexible LED Under Car Kit
    • Plasmaglow® - Night Raider Scanning LED Tailgate Bar
    • Plasmaglow® - Neon GloWire
    • Plasmaglow® - LED Headlight Strobe Kit
    • Plasmaglow® - LED Door Handle Kit
    • Plasmaglow® - Extreme LEDs

    The maximum installation flexibility is provided by the Plasmaglow LED LumaTape and LumaFlex strips, as well as GloStix and MiniStix tubes. The LumaTape flexible LED strips are 2 mm thin and come in 1-ft sections. The LumaFlex LED strips are available in 1-ft and 3-ft sections, and feature 30 LEDs per strip. The strips can be cut to length or connected together to fit all of your customization needs. Besides, they are completely waterproof.

    The proud owners of the hard-working trucks are not left behind. Within the wide variety of products made by Plasmaglow, each and every truck owner will be able to find something special for their vehicle. Want to illuminate your truck bed? The Universal LED Truck Bed Lighting Kit by Plasmaglow is the answer. Need a brilliant accent for the tailgate? Choose from the Night Raider Scanning LED Tailgate Bar and HotLinez LED Tailgate Bar.

    All the above accessories are just the tip of the iceberg, because Plasmaglow has a lot more things to offer. Whether you want to add radiance to the rear-end with a color-changing license plate frame, need a shiny accent for the door handles, or want to underline the curves of your headlights with the LED headlight kit, Plasmaglow has it all. LED Activator Switches, LED Fighter Jet Switch, LED speaker rings, and so much more! This company can light up any part of your vehicle, front to back and top to bottom. And we have gathered all of the Plasmaglow products under one single roof.

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    I was very pleased with the scanner light and looks bad a**!

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