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    Jeep Sees its Reliability Rating Rising
    Jeep Sees its Reliability Rating Rising

    While Ford has failed in reliability aspect due to some of its latest vehicle technologies, the other automaker, Jeep became the most reliable domestic brand. This statement comes from the latest annual-survey data from Consumer Reports. The automaker's high reliability rating is partly due to the redesigned Grand Cherokee SUV, which is a substantial achievement, because the preceding Grand Cherokees featured an unimpressive reliability records.

    The annual Consumer Reports reliability results were announced today at an Automotive Press Association lunch in downtown Detroit. These results are based on the responses to the Consumer Reports 2011 Annual Auto Survey with 1.3 million cars leased (owned) by CR subscribers. The organization reports that Chrysler models are also doing better, unlike the mentioned Ford which meets certain technology pains.

    Becoming the most reliable domestic brand, Jeep moves up seven spots to 13th place among 28 automakers. Chrysler, on the other hand, jumped 12 spots, featuring an above average rating for the Chrysler 200. As for Dodge, the company is raising its rating three points due to the Durango. In fact, three models (Dodge Durango, the Chrysler 200, and Jeep Grand Cherokee) exceled among others. Consumer Reports states that about 35 percent still rate as below average.

    America Will Never Stop Loving Jeep
    America Will Never Stop Loving Jeep

    According to the report, issued by Chrysler Group on July 1, 2011, Jeep remains the favorite vehicle in the U.S. This fact is easily proved by the figures. In June brand sales were up 74% versus the same month of the previous year. As for the quantity, the iconic Jeep Wrangler takes the first position with its 11,290 units, delivered to their owners. It is followed by the Grand Cherokee. Last month 8,969 customers bought this model. The list of the most popular Jeeps also includes new Compass, Liberty and Patriot. The sales of the Compass model were up 278% if compared with the same month a year ago. All Jeep models feature at least double-digit sales gains.

    The figures demonstrate a great demand on the Jeep products. Being inspired by such sales, most probably, Jeep will return to a drawing board to create a new model for the North American market. Time will tell on that. Currently all facilities of the brand are in time with their orders. However, the Jeep Wrangler with its significant sales and popularity both in the U.S. and Europe may face certain problems. The Jeep's plant in Toledo, Ohio, which is in charge for production of the venerable SUV, may suffer from overtake. With a huge experience of the brand, it will hardly happen.

    Small Jeeps Will Use Fiat Platform, But Will Be ‘100 percent Jeep”

    Next generations of the Jeep Compass and Patriot will be based on a front-wheel-drive Fiat platform, but Jeep CEO Mike Manley claims that no matter the technology, “it will be 100 percent Jeep”. He also said that the vehicle will be developed by "pure Jeep engineers" and production will remain in the U.S.

    In about 18 months, the new Fiat architecture will be applied to the Compass and Patriot compact crossovers, plus, it will spawn a range of Chrysler and Dodge sedans.

    Another upgrade touches Jeep Compass, which will be ‘Trail Rated” in the replacement platform release. Since its debut in the 2007 model year, the Compass was the only Jeep vehicle not built for off-road use (however, the 2011 model has an optional Trail Package).

    "We have a very rigorous set of criteria that Jeep vehicles have to pass through before you trail-rate," Manley said. But off-road capability varies by segment and model. "Wrangler capability is going to be more capable than a compact SUV."